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Before Mass: harp/ensemble. Choirs: To Christ the seed; St Patrick’s Breastplate
Entry: We bless the God and Father of Jesus (Canticle from the Letter to the Ephesians)
Penitential Rite: I confess with plainsong Kyrie De Angelis
St Andrew Gloria
Psalm 26: The Lord is my light, the Lord is my help
Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia. May the peace of Christ reign in your heart . . . . .
Dialogue Creed: Credo, I Believe
Intercessions ending with Lord of Life (Vermio)
The Preparation of the Gifts: Instrumental then ‘Lead me, Lord’
The Eucharistic Prayer will be sung with the Schubert Sanctus and Memorial
Angus Dei: plainsong XVII
Communion : I am the Vine, you are the branches . . . .
Lourdes Benedictus….. Blessed be the Father
Irish Blessing (Chilcott)
Recessional: Christ be our light

Intercessions for the Mass of our Celtic Roots 2014


1 We pray for the citizens of Glasgow, both new and old,
For performers and guests who have come here to enjoy and take part in the Festival,
and for people who use the arts as a means of expressing the joy and dignity of all that is human. Lord, hear us: Lord, graciously hear us

2 In Irish Gaelic

3 We pray for our families, for all we love, for our sick and needy, in Scotland and throughout the world, and we ask for God’s guidance for our Lord Provost and City Council and for all civic and church leaders in their task of working for the common good. Lord, hear us: Lord, graciously hear us

4 In Scots Gaelic:
Deanamaid ùrnaigh airson muinntir Ghlaschu, agus an fheadhain a tha air tighinn dhan a’ bhaile seo a ghabhail pàirt ann an Ceanglaichean Ceilteach. Gum beannaich Dia sinn uile, le ar cànan agus ar ceòl.
A Thighearna, éisd ruinn. Lord, hear us: Lord, graciously hear us

5 We pray for peace for people everywhere – especially those who live in the Holy Land, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Mali, the Central African Republic, and North Africa. We remember the Holocaust: we pray for the victims of violence and persecution then and in the genocides in the world since. Lord, hear us: Lord, graciously hear us