St Mungo’s Bairnsbairns chambers 2

Bailie Gerald Leonard






Deputy Lord Provost Gerald Leonard St Mungo in person The Welly Boot Song

The Banqueting Hall of Glasgow’s City Chambers was buzzing last Friday when lots of Glasgow Primary schools gathered to celebrate St Mungo. The schools were assisted by 1st year students from the St Andrew Department of Education at Glasgow University who had been working with them as part of their own training.

‘St Mungo’ himself started proceedings before the students and pupils were given a very warm welcome by Deputy Lord Provost Gerry Costello who shared with them the delight of being ‘Mungo’s Bairns’ before handing over the conducting of the event to two pupils from Lourdes Secondary, Greg and Melissa, who managed the proceedings with admirable ease.

After a friendly introduction by the two youthful comperes the first ‘Glasgow’ song was sung by children of Our Lady of the Rosary Primary led by a young lady who bore a strong resemblance to a tramcar ‘clippie,’ and time flew by as school after school displayed its familiarity with the story of St Mungo and it’s affection for Glasgow – St Patrick’s Primary, Garscadden Primary, St Mary’s Primary, St Brendan’s Primary and lots more. Songs included the ‘Welly Boot Song’ and the final song in the series was given by St Paul’s Primary, Whiteinch whose ‘Glasgow Song’ is now so well known that many of the schools present could join in enthusiastically with the chorus.

The band was made up of music students from Glasgow University and before the ‘Mungo’s Bairns’ celebration was brought to an end they enjoyed leading the children in the endlessly popular ‘Skyscraper Wean’ and ‘Ally Bally.’ The current financial constraints are affecting even education but it was good to see that music and song are so much part of our culture that the schools can pull out of the bag innumerable ‘things both new and old.’