The Candles of Remembrance

Each year the St. Mungo Singers take time out from their busy liturgical schedule to remember those of the choir, their families and friends who have died.

This year the Requiem Mass took place at St. Leo’s church, the choir’s base, on 24 February. Members of the choir gathered with family members of those who had died. Dr. Noel Donnelly set the quietly reflective mood for what is always a Mass of mixed emotions when, even as we sing, we remember those who have sung the music of the Mass with us on so many previous occasions, and feel both sadness at their absence and joy in the memory of their friendship.

The music of the Mass ranged from the plainsong introit Requiem Aeternam to Mgr. Gerry’s setting of the Introit for All Souls “Just as Jesus died and rose”. The St. Mungo Singers celebrated and remembered the lives of those they had known in the way they know, by participating fully in the Mass through their music.

In his welcome and later in his homily, Mgr Gerry expressed his pleasure at being present to remember and to pray for our deceased choir colleagues, and indirectly to give thanks for the work of the choir. Its love of music had enriched the liturgy of the Archdiocese and beyond. In conclusion he said “thanks for who and how you are”.

Members of the choir


Before the Intercessions, members of the congregation brought down five candles to the altar (one for each of the vocal sections and one for their families) as the names of the deceased were read. They remained there for the remainder of Mass as a beautiful reminder of those who had died. The Mass ended with the singing of the joyful hymn ” Thine be the Glory”, an expression of the hope of our faith for all who have gone before us. Then there was an opportunity for all present to enjoy some refreshments in the church hall.