The St Mungo Rhyme
sung by children of St Patrick’s Primary School, Glasgow in the Mitchell Library as part of the celebrations for the Feast of St Mungo 2009.


Whatever its origin the Rhyme can be interpreted in the positive sense that ‘the tree that never grew is growing very well, and the bird still sings, the bells still ring and the fish are back in the Clyde’.

The rhyme refers to the stories about the fire that went out and was re-kindled, the Robin that died and came back, the bell that was sent to Glasgow’s bishop by the Pope, and the salmon that was caught with the Queen’s ring in its mouth.

Play the score with Sibelius | You may need to download Scorch


With the support of Glasgow Churches Together and the Education Department, Glasgow school children planted a tree (inspired by the rhyme) in Cathedral Square to mark the 14th centenary of St Mungo.