Vita Kentigerni

Saturday morning of the Festival (14th January) saw the St. Mungo Singers, children from St. Denis’ Primary and harpist Carissa Swan joining Archbishop Tartaglia and Dr.Laurence Whitley for a celebration of the life of St. Mungo in words and song.  Archbishop Emeritus Conti and Bishop Toal were also in the audience.

There was the singing of an excerpt from the Vespers of St. Mungo, a brilliant and enthusiastic performance of We’re the children of the city of St. Mungo by the primary school group and readings from the Vita Kentigerni by the Archbishop and Dr. Whitley.  There was even a visit by “St. Mungo” to tell us of his pilgrimage through life.

Archbishop Tartaglia and Dr. Whitley read from the Life of St. Mungo

As Mrs Cathy McMaster, Chair of Mediaeval Glasgow, said, this was a chance to take time out from our busy lives to hear what the Chapter of Glasgow Cathedral would have heard on St. Mungo’s Feastday, and to get back to our roots, when Glasgow had been a centre of pilgrimage and a bishop’s burgh which was the beginnings of its importance.

After the event, there was an opportunity to see, possibly for the first time since the Reformation in 1560, volumes of the City’s earliest documentary history. These included the City’s 12th century foundation charter, displayed alongside items from the City’s archives.

The items were on loan with the permission of the Scottish Catholic Heritage Commission and courtesy of Aberdeen University Library where they are kept.