Intercessions written by Rev Dr Laurence Whitley for the ecumenical service for St Mungo’s Day in Glasgow Cathedral on Sunday 11th January 2009. The Intercessions were read by Rev Derek Bibb of the Methodist Church, Sr Maire Gallagher of the Roman Catholic Church, Major Stephen Huyton of the Salvation Army, and Mrs Betty MacDonald of Culross Abbey Parish Church

Heavenly Father, we remember how from small things great things can grow. We bow before you in gratitude as we recall how from small beginnings here a great city grew. A city from whose bounds many have travelled to the farthest corners of your world. Hear us as we pray now for Glasgow’s sons and daughters scattered across many lands and oceans.
May they know that on this day and in this place, their ancestral home remembers them in blessing. And in this year of homecoming may every visitor find in each of us a kind and welcoming heart – one that is worthy of Mungo’s city. In your name we ask this…..

[choir sings and first candle is lit]
And since our city has so often looked out beyond its boundaries to the world outside, we pause now to remember that world in our prayers. We think of places wracked and tormented by violence, leaving in its wake a festering bitterness. So we pray especially for the middle east. We think of Gaza, Israel/Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. Amidst the rubble of people’s trust, the dust of people’s despair and the smoke that clouds all optimism, be present. We ask this for all places where health and peace are spoiled by human foolishness. And we ask it in confidence, for as long as you are with your people, then always there is hope. In your name we ask this……..

[choir sings and second candle is lit]

Having prayed for world, we direct our thoughts to those who inhabit our remarkable city – those who give it so much life and character by their zest and exuberance. So we ask blessing on the coming generations, especially those at school and university. May their quest for knowledge lead them to ever greater discoveries for the good of mankind. We ask blessing therefore on those who teach, lead or set an example to the young in any way. We pray also for those who devote their energies to the service of the community at large: police and fire services, those who provide medical and social care; those in authority within the City Council, or our parliaments in Edinburgh and London, not forgetting the Queen and royal family. In these uncertain times, we ask blessing on those in business and commerce, whether corner shop or large concern, may your guidance be with them. So we give this whole community into your hands, knowing it is always you who gives us life and progress. In your name we ask this……..

[choir sings and third candle is lit]

Finally, we pray for your church in all its diversity, yet one in Christ. We marvel at the story that enabled the light of your gospel to shine in this place those centuries ago: From Lothian to Culross, from Culross to here, the tale twists and turns, yet always behind it, the wonder of your guidance. Through you, the gospel’s small foothold grew and blossomed, until now we can gather here in this soaring testament to a people’s confidence in their faith. So we, Mungo’s children, bless you for joy we have in being part the body of Christ. May it continue the work which our patron saint began, and in all its undertakings, may it demonstrate something of his unfailing courage, endless enthusiasm and all-embracing love. In your name we ask this……..

[choir sings and fourth candle is lit].