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St Bride

Hymn: words anon. Music by J Hallett Shepherd.

Saint of loving kindness, hear thy children’s song,
guard the hearts that love thee and to thee belong.
So if evil tempts us to forget thy name,
Put thy white cloak round us, saint of purest fame.

By the beauty blighted in the the morn of Spring,
make our gifts as royal to our Lord and King.
Not for thee the splendour or the gilted crown;
richer far thy treasure, fairer thy renown.

Mary ever led thee in thy splendid task,
so Bride’s hand shall bring us to Christ’s feet at last.
When the shadows darken, when the night is here,
Bride, O Bride of brightness, help us be thee near.

St Bride or Bridget

St Bride is just about the most popular Saint of the Irish after Patrick himself. She is Brigid of Kildare, “the Prophetess of Christ”, “the Mary of the Gael” and her fame spread in the 6th century not only to nearby Scotland and England, but all over Europe and beyond. She was the daughter of a pagan nobleman and of a Christian mother. Despite her father wishing her to marry, she chose to live the community life of a nun and founded a Convent in Kildare. She was famous for her charitable work among the poor. She died circa 523.


Let us pray to God for the needs of the world and our own needs

The example of St Bride is set before us. We pray that like our patroness we too may be generous in serving the needs of the poor.
Lord in your mercy………….Hear our prayer

We pray for those young men and women who are deciding on their vocation in life. Through the prayers of St Bride may they chose the vocation to priesthood and religious life.
Lord in your mercy………….Hear our prayer

We pray for ourselves that we may grow
in the knowledge and love of the Lord.
Lord in your mercy…………Hear our prayer.