St Agnes’ Lambhill
4th November 2012 31st Sunday of the Year

With remembrance of those whose final committal has been in the cemeteries located in the parish and at Glasgow Maryhill Crematorium










As people gather for this Mass at St Agnes’ from all over the city, the St Mungo Singerswill sing and Carissa Bovill, the harper, will play. In tune with the readings the choir will begin with ‘You must love the Lord your God (The Great Commandment) and before Mass starts will sing ‘How blest are those who have died in the Lord, for their good works go with….’ Mass will begin with the Pauline Greeting : ‘Grace to you and peace..’ and as Fr Barry incenses the altar we will evoke memories of the past with the plainsong ‘Requiem aeternam.’ The Psalm is Noel Donnelly’s simple but moving setting of Psalm 17. The music at the Preparation of the Gifts will be the delightful Polish setting of ‘Misericordias Domini.’ Fr Barry will sing the Preface to the Eucharistic Prayer and the choir will lead people, since they are from all over the city and beyond, in the old Bellahouston Sanctus with the slight adjustment to the new text. The sung Communion antiphon will be the appropriate ‘This is the bread come down from heaven; whoever eats of it will never die. This is the cup of eternal life; whoever drinks of it will live for ever.’


The concluding hymn will be that mighty affirmation of faith and hope: ‘Thine be the glory.’