It felt so good to see the numbers who had, in spite of the various Covid lockdowns and interruptions, made it to this day when they would be welcomed as either catechumens or candidates for full communion into the Church.  It spoke volumes for their determination and it was heartening to see and to be able to celebrate with them.

In his first time presiding at this service as Archbishop of Glasgow, Archbishop Nolan welcomed the catechumens as they signed their names in the Book of the Elect, saying “God is always faithful.  You must be faithful in return.”

Prior to this,in his homily, he had begun by noting that the group might be smaller than in previous years but it was a lovely day, a time of fresh starts.  For him that fresh start had been the previous week with his installation as Archbishop; for the catechumens and candidates, it was this day, the day to look forward to the future.

He remarked that on a visit to the Holy Land he had gone to Mount Sinai, ventured out for a walk and was caught in the sudden coming of evening.  Then he saw the lights of a car and was lost no longer.  In a similar way, we have seen the light shone by God into our lives to prevent us wandering here and there.  Jesus is the light to show us the path ahead.

Although it was not possible to have the usual hospitality in the Diocesan offices, at the end of the service Archbishop Nolan took time to chat to all the catechumens and candidates at the end.


Archbishop Nolan with the Catechumens and Candidates