schedule March 7th

2021 RA Sched March 7th edited

Radio Alba majors on Morning, School, Evening and Night Prayer, and now has recorded Masses on Sunday, and Prayer from Glasgow Churches Together during the week.

It introduces the Sunday and daily readings and, through our half-hour Magazine, draws attention to the good works that the Church and the churches are doing.


Daily Times Tune in to Duration (minutes)
07:00         08:00

09:00         10:00


Morning Hour


Morning Prayers for Lent and a Morning Prayer for the Feast of St John Ogilvie on 10th March,

and a  school Morning Prayer for St John Ogilvie

Canon Bob Hill


Margaret Chapman and the daily readings for Mass from the Liturgical Calendar for Scotland


the Rev David Coleman of  Eco-congregations


In our Magazine  Fr Tom Magill,

Joan Walsh and Pope Francis and his visit to Iraq














12:00        18:00 Lunchtime / Teatime slot 2 hours

Sunday: 12.00 / 18.00 The 7th March:

The radioalba Mass for the 3rd Sunday of Lent

comes from Fr Ronald Campbell, St Margaret’s,

Lochgilphead, reader, Marian Pallister.


Monday-Saturday 12.00 / 18.00 8th March


12.00:18.00:  Captains Emma and Les Heal,

Ecumenical Officers for the

Salvation Army lead Glasgow Churches Together in prayer for transformation


12.15: 18.15: Glasgow Churches Together in prayer for the Hospices and those they serve – led by Rev Bob Johnston


12.30: 18.30: Chatterbox with Liz Adam provides 30 minutes of interactive news and views from the churches


1.00: 19.00: 2018 Version, SCIAF Stations of the Cross

With music by the St Mungo Singers.


1.30: 19.30: Choral Psalms

20:00 21:00


Evening hour 

Vespers/Evening Prayers for Lent


9th and 10th March Vespers of St John Ogilvie


Magazine Fr Tom Magill reflects on the Transfiguration and on our transformation.

Joan Walsh reads Chris McDonnell’s article on ‘collage’ in the Catholic Times.


We conclude with Pope Francis and his visit to Iraq


Compline with the beautiful Canticle of Simeon ‘Lord, let your servant go in peace’