schedule for week of  September 11th  2022

The Morning Hour at 7.00; repeated hourly until noon

7.00: Daily Morning Prayers 

7.15    Morning Prayer for the young comes from St Brigid’s, Toryglen  with music by Catriona Glen and St Mirrin’s           Primary, Kingspark

7.20: Canon Bob Hill looks ahead to the 25th Sunday and Luke 16 1-13 – the parable of the dishonest steward Margaret Chapman introduces the daily readings at Mass from the Liturgical Calendar

The Churches Call to Prayer is devised by the “The Scottish Church Leaders’ Forum and  spoken by Mary Welsh with with Noel Donnelly on harp and The St Mungo Singers
7.30: In our Magazine  Fr Tom Magill reflects on Luke’s theme of discipleship and its cost;  From Far East Magazine Annette Carachi reads ‘All the fish died’ concerning  serious issues in Myamar;  and a ‘Reflection’ from  Angie Escarsa, a Columban Lay MIssionary.  And Gerry Fitzpatrick gives a short report from the Stella Maris. 

lunchtime and early evening

Sunday and weekdays: 12.00 / 6.00:  In our Glasgow Churches Together service Robin Green and Christine Johnstone reflect on Psalm 50/51,
which is then sung by Grace Buckley.
12.15 / 6.15:  Plainsong from Pluscarden Abbey

12.30:  Chatterbox 

01.00 / 7.00: The 1st in the Fr Denis McBride series on Where the Jesus Story begins.

01.45 / 7.45:   Dr Noel Donnelly comments on Psalm 32             

2.00:           Newsnatter
2.30:          The music of Keith Green

Evening Hour at 8.00 repeated at 9.00 and 10.00
8.00:  Daily Evening Prayer

8.20: Magazine as in the morning

8.50: Compline