schedule for the week of the 5th January, the Feast of the Epiphany 2020

The Morning Hour:   7.00: Morning Prayer     7.15: Morning Prayer for the Young    7.20: Canon Bob Hill   7.25: introducing the daily reading from the Lectionary     7.26: Rev Elizabeth Adam

The Lunchtime Hour : 12.00: Praying with the Bereaved;  12.15: Music with F J Crosby 12.45:  Music of Unity and Peace with Taize.
The Evening Hour: 20:00:  Vespers  20:20 Magazine    20:50   Night Prayer
The Morning Hour starts at 7.00 and is repeated until noon.
(Morning Prayers ((‘Morning Prayer this week of the Epiphany comes  from Brendan Gill,), school prayers ( this week led  children of Our Lady of the Rosary, and Evening and Night Prayers),  bible commentaries and news both morning and  evening.  

Special items this week can be found daily  at 7.20 (and hourly till noon) as  ‘Canon Bob Hill comments  on the readings for the Baptism of Christ, and we hear a short introduction to the daily readings from the Lectionary. Then  at 7.26 (and hourly) the Rev Elizabeth Adam prays for peace.  At 7.30: (and hourly) ‘From Flourish we hear the Pope’s letter for the World Day of Peace; then John Clarke speaks of the challenges being faced in Amazonia; and from Vocation for Justice Michael Martin reads Finding security and  then Empowering Young People; and we end with a medieval Christian Poem.

The Lunchtime Hour (12.00) includes news, prayer with the Bereaved,  and music.

The archive then lasts until 6.00 when we repeat the Lunchtime Hour.

The Evening Hour at 8.00 (repeated at 9.00 and 10.00) brings us Vespers, Magazine and Compline.