schedule 5th April

Morning Hour  7.00 – 8.00  repeated hourly until and including 11.00

7.00: Morning Prayer for Lent 

7.15:  Morning Prayer for Lent is led by children of Our Lady of the Rosary with music by Catriona Glen and a song for the peace of Jerusalem.

7.20: Canon Bob Hill looks at the readings of Holy Week
Margaret Chapman comments on daily readings from the Liturgical Calendar

7.25: Just a Thought 

7.30: In our Magazine  Fr Tom Magill reflects on how Jesus meets people where they are and helps them move forward;  and Brendan Berry leads a Stations of the Cross

Lunch and teatime:  12.00 and 6.00 

12.00/6.00: The Glasgow Churches Together service this week is led by Robin Green and Christine Johnstone.

12.15/6.15:  Praying with the Bereaved

12.30/ 6.30pm: Newsnatter
1.00/7.00:   Fr Denis McBride on the scriptures

1.48/7.48   Dr Noel Donnelly on Ps 33

3.00:    More of A steady stream of Christian music   B
4.00:    More of A steady stream of Christian music   C
5.00:    More of A steady stream of Christian music   D

The evening hour at  8.00 is repeated at 9.00 and 10.00:
8.00: Sunday to Wednesday Vespers ; Thursday / Friday: The 7 Last Words. Saturday: Vespers
 Magazine as in the morning 

8.50: Compline / Night Prayer