schedule February 19th 2023

The morning hour at 7.00 repeated until/including 11.00


7.00 – 8.00  repeated hourly until and including 11.00

7.00: Morning Prayers

7.15: Morning Prayers with the prayers of St Vincent’s Primary and Ps 66 by Our Lady of the Rosary Primary..
Looking ahead to the 1st Sunday of Lent Canon Bob Hill reflects on the accounts of the testing of Christ.
Margaret Chapman comments on daily readings from the Liturgical Calendar

7.25: Just a Thought

7.30: Stations of the Cross for the annual day of prayer for the abused is led by Archbishop Willian Nolan, Brendan Gill and Jean Swinbank

Lunch and teatime:  12.00 and 6.00

Weekdays: 12.00/6.00: Captains Les and Emma Heal lead us in prayer  as we approach Lent.

12.15/6.15: In our magazine Fr Tom Magill looks at the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 5 on the true life of faith;  and Jean Swinbank reads (from Vocation for Justice) ‘Money makes change’ by Sarah Edwards of the Just Money Movement
12.30p/ 6.30pm: Chatterbox

1.00/7.00:   Fr Denis McBride on the scriptures

1.47/7.47   Dr Noel Donnelly on Ps 33

3.00:    More of A steady stream of Christian music  K

4.00:    More of A steady stream of Christian music  L
5.00:    More of A steady stream of Christian music  M

The evening hour at  8.00 is repeated at 9.00 and 10.00:
8.00: Vespers 8.20:  Magazine  8.50: Compline / Night Prayer