Morning Hour  7.00 – 8.00  repeated hourly until and including 11.00

7.00: weekday Morning Prayer 

7.15:  Morning Prayer for children led by Holly of Our Lady of the Rosary 

Canon Bob Hill  looks ahead to the sending out of the Apostles in St Matthew’s Gospel; Margaret Chapman introduces the daily readings at Mass.

7.25 Liz Adam with Just a Thought

7.30: In our Magazine Fr Tom Magill reflects on our presence in the breaking of bread; and in ‘Without oppression’  Margaret Roberts reads an article by Ruth Harvey, leader of the Iona Community; and Russ Farman talks about his 7 week sailing pilgrimage round Britain to mark the Centenary of the Stella Maris, the Apostleship of the Sea. Finally Alan Wilkin speaks about the work of Christians against Poverty (CAP).      

Lunch and teatime:  12.00 and 6.00 

12.00 and 6.00 p.m.: The Glasgow Churches Together Service is led this week by Gerry Fitzpatrick with music by The St Mungo Singers. 
12.15/6.15:  The Great Tradition

12.30/ 6.30pm: Chatterbox

1.00/7.00:   Fr Denis McBride continues his series on the Gospels 
1.45 and 7.45:  Dr Noel Donnelly comments on the psalms

2.00:   More of A steady stream of Christian music  M

3.00:    More of A steady stream of Christian music  N
4.00:    More of A steady stream of Christian music  
5.00:    More of A steady stream of Christian music    A                                                                                                                                         

The evening hour at  8.00 is repeated at 9.00 and 10.00:
8.00: Weekday Vespers 
8.20: Magazine as in the morning   8.50:          Compline / Night Prayer