Week beginning 23rd August 2015-08-09

Radioalba.org christian – accessible daily on the internet

Radioalba.org Christian – accessible daily on the internet

Adult Morning Prayer – every 30 minutes from 8.00 – 11.30 – with music from the St Mungo Singers, cantor Grace Buckley and harpist Noel Donnelly. It begins with ‘From the rising of the sun’ and the psalm is Psalm 8

Morning Prayer every 30 minutes from 8.15 – 11.45 from schools is given this week by St Monica’s, Milton and is based on some of the themes of Pope Francis’s encyclical on ‘Our Common Home.’ The Gospel is in English and in Scots. Ps 125 is sung by Carissa Bovil, and the children sing Ian Davison’s song ‘Millions on my Mind.’
a fuller report: MP Milton summer 015 blurb pdf

A short service ‘How blest are those’ takes place at 12.00 noon and at 6.00 pm

Evening Prayer is at 8.00 and 9.00
in the evening; it begins with Creator of the stars of
night, and the psalm is Psalm 120. The blessing is
the Iona ‘God to Enfold you.’

The magazine report this week comes from the
Scottish Catholic Observer, with Donald MacInnes
giving us an account of Pope Francis’s renewed
appeal for the abolition of nuclear weapons and
indeed of all weapons of mass destruction.’
Then he gives a report from ‘Aid to the Church in
Need’ of the situation of Christians in Syria.

Night Prayer with Joe Docherty, is at 8.50 & 9.50

‘As the day draws to its conclusion
We thank the Lord
that we have seen his grace
in the lives of people round about us,
In our families and friends, our colleagues
And in the wider community.
We ask for the wisdom to be encouraged by his presence
And for forgiveness for our own sins and failings.
Kyrie, eleison . . . . .

‘Come to visit us, Lord, this night,
So that by your strength we may rise at daybreak
To rejoice in the resurrection of Christ your Son,
Who lives and reigns for ever and ever.