The Morning half-hour at 8.00 is repeated every 30 minutes until noon.
8.00: Morning Prayers this week are led by Pat Graham SND, Fay Docherty, Joe Docherty, Rev Tom Pollock, and Michael Martin,with music by the St Mungo Singers, cantor Grace Buckley, harpist Noel Donnelly, organists Jane McKenna and Jacqueline Barrett. The Morning Prayer for the Feast of St John Ogilvie is presented by Joe Docherty.

8.15: MP for schools for the week of the feast of St John Ogilvie is led by Julia, with music by children of Our Lady of the Missions Primary School, East Renfrewshire. Then, Canon Bob Hill speaks about the encounter of Jesus and Nicodemus and God’s love for the world,
and Michael Martin reads a prayer from the Christian Peace Movement, Pax Christi.

lunchtime half-hour
12.00 noon: from the Scottish Catholic Observer: This week we reveal that the Church has criticised the Scottish government after a new poll showed opposition to abortion in Scotland, we look at anti-Catholicism in Glasgow, and discuss an inspirational feature from a young schoolgirl.
12.15: Prayers with the Bereaved.
12.30: Music from the archives

18.00: a repeat of the lunchtime half-hour
18.30: music from the archives

Evening Hour – repeated at 21.00 and 22.00:
20.00: a new version of the Stations of the Cross comes from Sciaf with the voices of Ian Dunne and Elaine McGinley – written by Fr Stephen Reilly.
Music from the St Mungo Singers with organist Jane McKenna.
On Saturday: Ogilvie Vespers led by Gerry Fitzpatrick with music by the St Mungo Singers, organists Jane McKenna and Jacqueline Barrett, and poet Mary Hanrahan.
20.24: From last week, Gerry Fitzpatrick continues Chris O’Donnell’s reflection on Lent from the Catholic Times; Honor Hania describes the origins of the St Vincent de Paul Society; and in ‘The journey towards the Education Act Scotland 1918’, Michael Martin gives The 1st of a series of 2 from Open House; he concludes with the Pax Christi Prayer.
20.50: Daily Night Prayer