Radioalba schedule February 14th 2016
0800 Morning Prayer for this, the first week of Lent, is led by Sr Pat Graham with music by the St
Mungo Singers, Cantor Grace Buckley, organist Jane McKenna and harpist Noel
Donnelly. It opens with the Introit of Lent:
‘He will call to me and I shall answer with freedom and honour and length of days.’
Psalm 62 is sung.0815 Morning Prayer for schools this week is led by pupils from Our Lady of the Rosary Primary
School, Shay, Hannah, Maria and Antonia, and with the support of Catriona Glen.0820: a Reflection for Lent by Dr Laurence Whitley
0824: a short commentary on Psalm 90 by Dr Noel S Donnelly with cantor Grace Buckley.The 30 minute of prayer is repeated every 30 minutes until 11.30.1200 SCO: articles from the Scottish Catholic Observer : Liz Leydon, the editor,
refers to the fond farewell given to Bishop Ian Murray, formerly Bishop of Argyll and the
Isles, whose funeral took place last week in Oban. She indicates some probably
pre-mature excitement about the Pope’s invitation to St Andrew’s University; she gives an
account of the White Mass (for Carers of the Sick) at St Mirren’s Cathedral and mentions
the visit to Glasgow of the U.S founders of the 40 Days for Life Vigil

1215 How blest are those – a service for those who to remember and pray for
deceased friends and relatives.

1235 Music Selection
1300 Music Selection

1800 SCO: as above
1815 How blest are those

1835 Music Selection
1900 Music Selection

2000: Evening Prayer is replaced this week by the Stations of the Cross, led by
Gemma Lamarra and Elaine Coakley of SCIAF. It opens with the sung verse from 2
Philippians 6: ‘Christ was humbler yet, even to accepting death on a cross…’
Each of the 14 Stations, based on the Stations developed in Jerusalem, opens with
‘We praise you, O Christ, and we bless you,
because by your holy cross, you have redeemed the world.’
It closes with ‘Accepting death upon a cross, you gained us life.

2030: Magazine: Bishop Hugh Gilbert’s Letter on ‘Mercy is read by Annette Carachi,
and is followed by Clare McDonald with a review of Jesuit Nicholas King’s translation
of the New Testament
2049 Night Prayer

2100 vespers: as above
2118 Magazine: as above
2149 Night Prayer
2200 archive music programme