st-tim-poppy35Following the wonderful contribution made by St. Timothy’s children in 2008 at Poppy Scotland’s ‘Evening of Music and Reflection,’ Ian Douglas, Chairman of Poppy Scotland Glasgow, invited the same children to perform at the launch of Poppy Scotland 2009.

Primary 7 sang ‘Remembering,’ written by Ian Davison and Heal the World. They recited ‘Lest We Ever Forget’ and ‘For the Fallen’. Their performance was awesome, emotive and an inspiration to an extremely appreciative audience.

Bailie Catherine McMaster, representing Glasgow City Council said, “This was a creative moment to hear how children understood the cost of war and the wonders of being alive today. I was impressed with the confidence shown by soloists to engage with the words and sing out the message of Peace. Sadness and reflection of the remembrance event was beautifully presented. The class of P7 is well rehearsed and sound like vibrant youthful voices of the new generation and renewal of our City.”