Music for Mass June 9








Feast of St Columba:   and Praying for Ian McGuire on the day of his funeral



Acknowledgements: My Dearest Lord: prayer of Columba: music (c) Catherine Walker.  Song of Columba: words (c) Bill McLaughlin and Pam Murray; music Iona Boat Song.  Ps 15: words (c0nThe Grail, England; music Gerry Fitzpatrick (c) Kevin Mayhew.  As we eat: words Noel Donnelly (c) Kevin Mayhew.  Postlude: Harp – the Waves of Kilkee.   Graphic (c) Netta Ewing. Recording: Helen Healy (Prayer of Columba) and the St Mungo Singers. Harpist Noel Donnelly.