A Morning Prayer from the parish of St Leo the Great is led this week by Jean Swinbank,
with music by Catriona Glen and the St Mungo Singers, with prayer for the Glasgow Commonwealth
Games led by Donald McInnes. The harper is Noel S Donnelly. At 8.00 and on the half hour
until 11.30.

A Children’s Morning Prayer is led by Nina Sneddon with children from Our Lady of the
Rosary Primary School and cantor Magdalen McInnes. Children from St Timothy’s
Primary School sing the Glasgow Song. At 8.15 and 8.45, 9.15, 9.45 ….. until 11.45.

Children’s Morning Prayer


Let us pray for everyone who is involved in the Commonwealth games,
the athletes and their families, the parliaments and city council,
the organisers and spectators, the citizens and guests to our city.

Let us pray for the children of Glasgow
and for children throughout the Commonwealth
that they may be encouraged and inspired by the Games
to play their part as citizens of this one world
That God has given us all to share.

Loving Father,
Help us to show your presence among us
by the kindly welcome we give to all who visit us,
And by the support we give each other.

Lord, hear us: Lord, graciously hear us