In February we celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Lourdes Hospitalité in the Archdiocese which gave us another reason to celebrate Lourdes this year.
The Hospitalité is a charitable organisation committed to assisting the sick and handicapped of the Annual Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. They welcome new members and, as Elizabeth McQuade of the Hospitalité told us, membership is open to anyone over 18 who is willing to undertake the objectives of the Hospitalité which are:

  • Commitment to promote the message Our Lady entrusted to Bernadette.
  • In Lourdes, to care for the sick and handicapped of the pilgrimage and to do tasks required by the Hospitalité de Notre Dame de Lourdes.
  • Strengthen the sense of community amongst its members, support them in their Christian life, their responsibility within the Church and their devotion to Mary the Mother of God.

The important aspects of membership (whether as a Doctor, Nurse, Brancardier or Helper) are service, friendship, celebration and commitment.

The celebration of their 60th Anniversary took the form of a Vespers of Our Lady of Lourdes in St. Joseph’s, Tollcross. The music of the service reflected the Marian theme, opening with “Alma Redemptoris” by Palestrina, followed by the modern hymn “Mary Full of Grace” to the tune of O Sanctissima. After Psalms 121 and 126, the Magnificat was sung to the tune of Amazing Grace and the Vespers ended with Noel Donnelly’s setting of Mary the Dawn and Br. Stephen Smyth’s new hymn. The Hospitalité members then adjourned to the Church Hall for a celebration of 60 years of faithful service to the sick and handicapped at Lourdes.

New version to mark the 150th Anniversary of Lourdes

While Brother Stephen devised this new text for the Lourdes tune to mark the 150th anniversary of the events at Lourdes, it is not specific to Lourdes and since it is based on scriptural events it should have a wider usefulness. There are lots of verses so people should choose the verses which are suitable for the occasion or the season of the year.

(NB. if you have downloaded and installed the SCORCH plug-in, you can playback the score here)

Additional Verses

Your Son in the Temple, presented to God; the eyes of the prophets both hope and pain saw. RS

In Nazareth Jesus was nurtured and taught. God’s favour was with him and faith filled your heart. RS

For fam’ly at Cana embarrassed for wine, your gentle attention led Jesus’ first sign. RS

How blest you the mother who nursed God-made-Man. More blest still are all those who keep to God’s plan. RS

The Passion of Jesus saw hope and faith fly. How dreadful, dear Mother, to watch your Son die. RS

Yet faithful through all pain you trusted God’s word: your Son’s Resurrection the proof of God’s love.