Riddrie church will resound to the sound of liturgical music

St Thomas’ Church at Riddrie in Glasgow will resound with music on Thursday 19th September at 7pm when singers and musicians
and parishioners gather for a recital of church music in the context of a liturgy of the Word. John Allan on the whistle, Clare O’Neill
on the violin and Carissa Bovill on the clarsach will provide a lovely tapestry of sound at the outset.
The piper, Jacqueline Riley, will welcome people as they approach the church, and she will lead the entire gathering in the hymn ‘God
our Creator’ to the thrilling sound of ‘Highland Cathedral’.Riley, piper at Celtic Roots Mass

As candles are lit the choirs will sing James Quinn’s haunting lines ‘O Light from Light our footsteps guide’ before the Cantor, Grace Buckley, sings the passage from Isaiah 55 ‘Seek The Lord
while he is still to be found… Canon Peter McBride will lead the congregation in prayer and welcome them to St Thomas’. The music will span many centuries, including plainsong, the words of St Patrick’s Breastplate from the 8th century, to a modern tune, music from the Renaissance, the Baroque, classical, Romanic eras and music of the present day.

Monsignor Gerry Fitzpatrick, the Archdiocesan director of music, said: “Choir music gives much joy both to those who sing and those who listen! But the renewal of the liturgy set in motion by the Second Vatican Council gave a sharper definition of the role of choirs involved in the Church’s liturgy. “They are invited to lead the congregation musically at prayer, especially in those parts of Mass which are particularly important, and by their own preparation, to augment repertoire, enrich the singing with descant and harmony, and add their own music to the services.” He added:
“The latter function enables choirs to enjoy music which will normally be beyond the capacity of the congregation but which congregations can be expected to enjoy in listening. However, choirs are not expected to replace the congregation, but to support them. “It takes a strong respect for the Church’s wish that people be encouraged to sing the ‘Mass parts’ and a creative discretion by musicians to choose music that enriches the service but doesn’t take it over. “As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI pointed out, when commenting as Cardinal Ratzinger on the chirograph of Pope John Paul II on church music in 2004, it is not appropriate for people to have to wait patiently while the choir completes a performance. “The music arranged for the 19th September will illustrate some of the riches available for choirs to enjoy and to use to enhance the liturgy.”

Another theme at the recital will be the opportunities available through the Internet radio, with Ronnie Convery commenting on HGUH radio based at Wonersh and the new initiative throughout November which will bring Morning Prayers for both adults and children with lots of music and some interviews on radioalba.com All participants will be welcome to hospitality in the parish hall afterwards.