peace service 2014

St.Anne’s Dennistoun

We were not many at the service held in St. Anne’s for peace in Palestine and Israel but we took comfort from the Lord’s promise – “when two or three are gathered in my name….” and it was a lovely, affecting and often emotional service, organised by Marie Cooke of Glasgow Archdiocesan Justice & Peace Commission.

In the quiet, peaceful surroundings of the church, there were scripture readings, hymns, prayers, extracts from UN documents and brief paragraphs on some of the victims in this tragic conflict – children in detention, hunger strikers and conscientious objectors. And there were photographs, which tore at the heart, from the conflicts in Syria and Iraq as well as the most recent events in Gaza.

Perhaps we were fewer in numbers this time than we would have liked but we have to believe that every action no matter how small has an effect, with the help of God, and we have the hope that more people will be able to join us when we hold the service next year around the same date – unless, that is, the miracle happens and the fighting in the Middle East is over, and we don’t need to pray for peace there!

Some of the team of readers and musicians

Some of the team of readers and musicians