How blest are those who have died in the Lord.
Let them rest from their labours, for their good works go with them


Members of the St Mungo Singers joined parishioners of St Benedict’s Drumchapel on 3rd October to say farewell to John Limond. John wasn’t a singer – his wife Agnes had been one of the choir’s sopranos– but he was the honorary chairman of the choir for many years, and had made the tea, mended things and did all the sort of behind-the-scenes jobs that are necessary for any group. Even after Agnes died, John continued to help until his own health made it difficult to continue.

As parish priest Fr Gerry Barnes said, John had a long life, reaching his 90th birthday. Latterly he couldn’t do all the things he had once done but that didn’t stop him trying. He was a great one for doing things for people and always giving to others. When he went on one of his many pilgrimages, he would always come back with something for others in the parish. He was also a great one for doing things in the parish and for snaring other people into helping out in the parish. The psalm of the Mass (Psalm 120 – Guard me Lord, enfold me in peace) was our prayer for him today.