The St Mungo Singers has always been as much a community as a choir and former members regularly keep in touch and are kept in mind. One such member was Jerry Connor who was a member of the tenors in the earliest days of the choir before he moved to England in connection with his work. Jerry’s late wife, Mary, had also been a member of the choir.

Jerry and Mary settled in Kent but regularly visited Glasgow. They also took some of the liturgical music used by the St Mungo Singers to their parish, St Edmund Campion’s in Maidenhead, and encouraged their parish to sing the Mass.

Jerry died on 2 January after several years’ illness and the choir was represented at the funeral on 7 February. It was a warm and in many ways joyful occasion, with his brother and daughter recalling fond memories of him, including his love of music and of the church. His legacy could be heard in the wholehearted singing of the congregation at the funeral Mass.

And by a strange coincidence, the parish priest, Fr Liam Cummins who is a Mill Hill Father, knew well one of the current St Mungo Singers, Fr Hugh O’Donnell. It is indeed a small world, and Jerry would have laughed at this unexpected link.

May he and Mary rest in peace.