Glasgow Churches Together praying for those affected by the violence in Glasgow this week.

Come with your healing, Lord,  come with your healing, Lord,
come with your healing, Lord, come and save us.

Let us pray:

Our city is shocked by the sudden chaos in our midst, the stabbing of six and the death of one.
We pray for those who were injured,
for those who care for them in hospital and for those anxious for their healing.
We give thanks for the bravery shown in trying to bring resolution.
We pray for the one who has died: May God, in his loving mercy, give him peace
We ask for comfort for those whose loved ones are bound up in the incident
and guidance for all who can support them.
We pray for those who live with anxiety and fear.
We pray for a healing of all wounds caused by lack of understanding,
historic grievances, or personal distress or illness.

Psalm 68   

Hear my prayer, answer me, Lord. Turn to me in your goodness.
Hear my prayer, answer me, Lord. Turn to me in your love.

A Reading from the Book of Job:

Job said:

‘Ah, would that these words of mine were written down, inscribed on some monument
with iron chisel and engraving tool, cut into the rock for ever.
This I know: that my Avenger lives,
and he, the last, will take his stand on earth.
After my awaking, he will set me close to him, and from my flesh I shall look on God.
He whom I shall see will take my part:  these eyes will gaze on him and find him not aloof.’


God to enfold you. Christ to uphold you.
Spirit to keep you in heaven’s sight:
So may God grace you, heal and embrace you,
lead you through darkness into the light.


The blessing of God,

The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,
Be among you and remain with you always. 


Come with your healing, Lord,
come with your healing, Lord,
come with your healing, Lord,
come and save us.

Copyrights and acknowledgements:  With thanks to the Rev Chris Foxon, Chair of Glasgow Churches Together; Canon David Wallace, and the St Mungo Singers for their recordings.

Come with your healing (c) Noel Donnelly.  Ps 68:  Hear my Prayer: words (c) The Grail, England. Music (c) Gerry Fitzpatrick.   God to enfold you: from “Love & Anger” (Wild Goose Publications, 1997) words & music by John L Bell copyright   1997 WGRG, Iona Community, 840 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 3UU, Scotland.