Mass of the Assumption 2019




Father of us all, you chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus :
Bless all who follow her example of generosity
and bring Christ to the world.

Lord, hear us:


Mary already shares fully in the life of God:
may we grow in faith
and in the hope of our own resurrection to new life.

Lord, hear us:


Mary, holds a special place in the life and devotion of the church:

Let us all share a reverence for her
which shows itself in reverence for each other..

Lord, hear us:


We pray for the schools which re-admit their pupils this week,

And for the schools which our own parish children attend.

Lord, hear us:


We pray for the afflicted, for the victims of violence and war;

We pray for peace.

We remember those who are ill,

Those who gave died,

And those who mourn.

Lord, hear us: