Ninian of Galloway
words: Rt Rev J McHardy. Music Francis Duffy

Ninian of Galloway

Ninian of Galloway, homage we fondly pay
and tribute bring;
Saint by our church proclaimed, Scotland’s apostle named,
Thy praise we sing, thy praise we sing.

Born of our Scottish race, God led thee forth by grace
to find in Rome
That pearly so richly priced, that faultless creed of Christ,
And bear it home, and bear it home.

Softly the Christian morn dawned o’er the lone Whithorn
Like kindly sun;
Nobly thy loyal band, led by thy sure command,
Our kingdom won, our kingdom won.

Where once thy footsteps trod, unquenched, the fires of God
Await thy hand;
Renew thy fervent care. Tender to God thy prayer
To bless our land, to bless our land.

Click on score for printable version

Click on score for printable version

Intercessions for the Feast of St Ninian

As we honour the earliest known Scottish saint
we ask the Lord that the faith he taught,
by word and example, may grow always stronger
in the hearts of the Scottish people.
Lord, hear us

We pray that the churches in our country
may learn to work together and to pray
together, so that the charity of Christ
may be seen in how they behave.
Lord, hear us

We pray for the leaders of our country,
for the Parliament and the local councils,
for all who hold public office,
that they may guide the country
in the building up a society
to which everyone can feel glad to belong.
Lord, hear us

We pray for all the needs of our communities,
particularly for those most in need:
the sick, those who need work,
the young and the elderly.
Lord, hear us

We remember our dead
and those who mourn.
Lord, hear us