Mgr. Gerry in typical mode

The coming of the coronavirus to the UK has caused the cancellation of so many long-planned events in the Archdiocese of Glasgow and elsewhere. One of them was the Mass and Dinner to mark the 80th birthday of Mgr Gerry Fitzpatrick, the Director of Music of the Archdiocese. This should have taken place on 22 March at his parish of St Leo the Great.

However the speed at which things were developing on the public health front meant that regretfully, the decision had to be taken to postpone it until, hopefully, later in the year. The St Mungo Singers have become experts over the years at quick responses to changing circumstances and, just before their rehearsal on Sunday 15 March, decided this would become the (initial) celebration Mass for Mgr. Gerry’s birthday.

The music being rehearsed for the Chrism Mass was repurposed and adjusted where necessary for the Mass. The Social Committee swung into action and produced refreshments to comply with the latest diktats on such matters – single use cups, individual portions of milk and sugar, individually wrapped biscuits and, of course, soap and huge rolls of paper towel.

It was a lovely warm celebration, and Mgr Gerry didn’t get a chance to think twice about what was happening. In the Parish Hall afterwards, a presentation was made to him on behalf of the choir. Hopefully he will get to use it before his 81st birthday arrives!