St Timothy’s Primary School were among the participants in the 2009 Ecumenical Service for St Mungo’s Day taking place in Glasgow Cathedral. They had a new song written for them and sung here for them by Ian Davidson.
On St Mungo’s Day, and when Cardinal O’Brien visited them in their school, the children sang their song themselves. The first recording is of the children singing their song, while the 2nd recording is of the composer.

[audio:city-st-tim-bnc.mp3] [audio:city-of-stmungo.mp3]
St Timothy's Primary with friends on St Patrick's Day 2009

St Timothy's Primary with friends on St Patrick's Day 2009

The City of St Mungo

Chorus after each verse:
We’re the children of the City Of Saint Mungo.
We never will forget his holy name.
They built his church above the shallow river.
The Clyde was all there was before he came.

He organised the monks to make a monastery
Where pilgrims from all Strathclyde could pray
They set a school and college on that dear green hill
And places where the visitors could stay.

And where the burn was winding down the hillside
They soon had laid themselves a decent road
And lined it all the way with people’s houses
And fished and traded goods around the ford

And now its fourteen hundred years have rolled on
And Glasgow’s great Cathedral’s on the site
And mighty bridges fly across the river
And twenty-thousand streets are lit all night.

The village grew a town and then a city
Saint Mungo gave our people faith and laws
They gave him back the tall tales of his miracles
And legends show the holy man who was.

Words and music © Ian Davidson 2008
keyboard arranged © Carissa Bovil 2008