The First Sunday of Lent is traditionally the day when catechumens and candidates for reception into full communion with the Church are welcomed on the last stage of their journey. This year in St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Archbishop Tartaglia welcomed over 40 catechumens and over 30 candidates.

As they gathered with their godparents and sponsors, the St Mungo Singers and Dr. Noel Donnelly on harp provided welcoming music before the service began with the Introit for Lent, and its very appropriate response He will call to me and I shall answer. 


After the Liturgy of the Word – first reading from St Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians (15:1-8), a new setting by Fr. Gerry Fitzpatrick of Psalm 90, and Gospel reading from St John (12:44-50) – Archbishop Tartaglia welcomed them with great joy. Their journeys to this day, he said, would be all different and they should share the details of those journeys with others, but they all confirmed the fact that God is still active in our world and calling people to him.

At the end of the service, there was the opportunity for everyone to meet in the Eyre Hall over refreshments and celebrate the day together.

Archbishop Tartaglia with some of the parish priests and catechumens in the Eyre Hall