Adamnan was the 9th Abbot Of Iona and the biographer of St Columba.  He too was recognised as a saint and among his many claims to fame must be counted ‘The Law of the Innocents’ – at the 7th century Synod of Birr he persuaded the rulers of Dalriada ( part of the West of Scotland and the North East of Ireland) that if they had to go to war then they should respect the innocence, women, children, the churches….

The Newsflash and song have been suggested as part of the 2017 Schools Cantata event  in Glasgow in order to draw attention to Adamnan’s Law and also because this year is a special Anniversary of Glasgow’s Faculty of Procurators which will be noted at the January 2018 St Mungo Festival.


Adamnan’s Law Newsflash-update



The Song