Celebrating the anniversary of the Canonisation of St John Ogilvie, and looking forward to the 4th centenary of the saint, there will be a Vespers on Thursday 17th October at 7.00. The music will be led by the St Mungo Singers, and, with Archbishop Tartaglia back home from the Holy Land, there is reason to hope that he will be able to preside.

A Ogilvie Vespers - 013 plaque Ogilvie Vespers - St. Aloysius's March 2013 047

The Vespers will begin with the little service of lighting the candles at the national shrine to St John and then the Ogilvie hymn will accompany the procession to the sanctuary for the psalms, canticles, readings, prayers and intercessions. Responsorial style in the psalms is designed to facilitate participation, and these settings particularly of Psalm 114 ‘I walk with you, my God. Each day be at my side’ and of the Canticle from the Letter to the Philippians ‘Though Jesus Christ was in the form of God’
have an added and very appropriate poignancy with the style of the music re-inforcing the power of the texts. And the motet ‘Istorum est enim’ has been chosen because of its fitness to the feast of a martyr: Istorum est enim regnum coelorum – ‘Of such as these is the Kingdom of heaven….’

The service is open to everyone and there will be refreshments provided with the usual warm St Aloysius parish hospitality.