Magazine contents Christian 2016 – 17





Oct 9 2016   Media Matters: Peter Kearney asks some questions about the authenticity of some of the information channelled in the media, whether it be social media such as Facebook or newspapers, and reminds us that ‘the media’s not necessarily ‘free.’    Michael Savage gives a report from David Nott in the Yemen from  Medicine without Frontiers and Stephen McGrattan holds a conversation in Cracow about the World Youth Day 2016.


Oct 16 2016    In Media Matters  Peter Kearney talks of a delusional blame game and in ‘Divine Liberation’: From Life and Work, Mary Bradley gives us Ron Ferguson’s thoughts on the limitless love that God has for us Finally, ‘Joe Docherty reads an article from Flourish  on the 3rd centenary of the hidden seminary at  Scalan and Bishops Gilbert and Robson express their Christian support for migrants.


Oct 23rd:  Archbishop Emeritus Mario Conti – ethics and morality   From Life and Work Lynne MacNeill reviews The Book of Iona edited by Robert Crawford, published by Polygon and Rowan Williams’ ‘Being Disciples,’ Essentials of the Christian Life, published by SPCK.


Oct 30th ‘Mag Bookoflife RC’   From Medecines sens Frontieres, Robert Carachi reads of Sudan’s ‘Book of Life’ (6.46)Aid to the Church in Need: Jean Swinbank introduces a dialogue about Syria between Bertolt Pelster  and Fr Jacques Murat, and   an appeal for peace by more than 1 million  children  9.5


Mag November 20th Clare Ramsay of Sciaf gives some encouraging news about the work being done in our names – and some interesting information about the ‘Real Gift’ scheme for Christmas.  Theresa McGoldrick tells us about the unique ‘St Margaret Chair’ lent to Sciaf by the famed Govan ‘chair man’ John McLaughlin. From the Comboni Mission Magazine: Fay Docherty tells us of continuing tensions between Peace and Violence and the Peace agreement in Columbia and about the fruitfulness of the Open Day for the Comboni Community in Glasgow


Mag November 27th Brendan Gill reads from the magazine ‘Faith Alive’ – the Pope tells Prisoners ‘confinement is not the same as exclusion’ Marion Pallister comments on justice and peace issues in the past month;  and Joe Docherty gives an account from ‘Comboni Mission’ of The martyrdom of Ezechiel Ramin in Brazil



Dec 4th Pope Francis writes at the end of the Year of Mercy;  End of Year retreat at Kinnoul Spirituality Centre;  The annual Blessing of the Crib in Glasgow;  Carols for Peace in the City Chambers – we sing and we pray for our twin city, Bethlehem – with ‘a cast of thousands.’ Looking back – there was an annual Mass for deceased bishops and priests in the Archdiocese of Glasgow.  And then the Scottish International Aid Fund held its annual mass for benefactors.  Finally Peter Kearney spoke in Media Matters about how religion is sometimes perceived and presented in the media.


11th Dec  A Spiritual home for all our people: Archbishop Tartaglia speaks about St Andrew’s Cathedral on its 2nd centenary:  Vincent Toal speaks relates the Cathedral’s history.   From ‘The Light of the North’ Brendan Gill gives Sr Janet Fern’s account of Fr Delft – a German Jesuit martyr of the 2nd World War. For the martyr we end with ‘Into your hands, Lord’ and a motet  “for of such as these is the kingdom”


22nd January 2017 The address of Pope Francis to the Round Table of the Global Foundation.    from Open House Joe Docherty reads Mary Cullen’s observations on The House of Lords’. Then a review of ‘Writings on the Reformation’ by Diarmid McCulloch. And finally some poems by Stephen Eric Smyth.


January 29th 2017 Marian Pallister gives an informative and moving talk on refugees and the homeless – ‘people do care very much.’  Then ‘Justice and Peace Scotland’ speaks of ‘modern slavery’     From the Aberdeen Diocese Magazine ‘The Light of the North’ we hear a little about the Abbe Paul MacPherson, then the contrasting poem ‘Elijah’ – by Stephen Eric Smyth – and  Psalm 83



2017: February 5th   Justice and Peace, Scotland reflects on ‘care for creation.’ Then, Joe Docherty reads an interesting article from Africa Magazine on  ‘The book of the origin of Jesus, Messiah, son of David, son of Abraham  – a description ‘‘how the New Testament’ came into existence. Finally, Gerry Fitzpatrick reads  an account by Lucy Williams of  work through ‘Doctors without Borders in the Sudan.


March 5th: From Justice and Peace, Scotland Honor Hania speak about ‘poverty; ‘ Marian Pallister speaks of the public role of the many faiths, of inter-religious dialogue, and the need for ‘integral human development’  and Donald MacInnes gives us the 1st part of a very sobering Columban ‘Statement on Water’


March 12th: Jean Swinbank reads from Life and Work: Ron Ferguson on the gift of Poetry;  Albert Bogle on new technology for the life of the church; Andrew McLellan on ‘the Miraculous Escape of St Peter; Joe Docherty talks  of the Malawi Appeal last year. then gives a very encouraging  report from Flourish  about Catholic Chaplaincy at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Chaplaincy. Finally, again from Life and Work,  Lynn MacNeill reviews Alastair McGrath on Enriching our Vision of Reality, and Justin Welby’s  ‘Dethroning Mammon.

March 19th:  Honor Hania, of Justice and Peace, Scotland, gives a very lucid, even Isaian, reflection,  on Lenten fasting.  Then, from Flourish, Joe Docherty  reads the message of Pope Francis for Lent – the story of ‘the Rich man and Lazarus’. Then, ‘You feel more dead than alive’ –  From Life and Work Thomas Baldwin meets a young Minister seeking to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

March 26th: Honor Hania of Justice and peace, Scotland gives very important information on ‘Trade Justice,’  the interdependence between countries and the unfair rules which benefit the richer countries – the influence and power of the World Trade Organisation, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.    Bishop Joseph Toal writes to us for Sciaf Sunday.  Fay Docherty continue’s the theme of trade justice and reads from Life and Work about the ‘crucial time for Fair Trade.’ Fay continues with Alistair Dutton of Sciaf writing about the current challenge of hunger, and with Ricky Ross’s visit to Zambia.

April 2nd: Honor Hania of Justice and Peace, Scotland, speaks  on the ‘elephant in the room’ –  Nuclear Weapons; and Marian Pallister talks about ‘Integral Human Development,’  the anniversary of Populorum Progressio’, the crisis of drought and  migration … and, despite it all, the power of hope.


April 9th: Honor Hania of Justice and Peace, Scotland, talks about ‘Landmines’ ; Jean Swinbank reads Isabel Smyth’s report on: Interfaith Harmony week (1st week of February);   Mary Catherine O’Reilly reports on  the annual Bahai Festival & Pauline Dempsey reports on schooling in Barbados


April 16th:  In Our Magazine Honor Hania of Justice and Peace, Scotland talks about the Arms Trade.  Isabel Smyth SND speaks of the Jewish week of Pesach, and Marian Pallister reflects on some of the disadvantages of the rural life.


April 23rd: Honor Hania of Justice and Peace, Scotland talks about the Arms Trade.  Isabel Smyth SND speaks of the Jewish week of Pesach, and Marian Pallister reflects on some of the disadvantages of the rural life


April 30th from ‘Open House’ Joseph McTaggart reads Steven McKinney’s article on the St Mungo’s Old Folk Centre for Wellbeing; and an interesting book review of ‘Reformations’ by Carlos Ayre. then, from the  Comboni Mission Magazine we are reminded of the centenary of Charles de Foucald


May 7th Honor Hania of Justice and Peace, Scotland talks about ‘Work.’ From Life and Work Ron Ferg talks about Easter – ‘Christianity is not dead.’  Isabel Smyth SND of Interfaith Scotland asks ‘is there really a crisis in Christianity?’ And from ‘Open House’ Joseph McTaggart reads Steven J McKinney’s article on the St Mungo’s Old Folk Centre for Wellbeing


May 14th  Magazine:  Honor Hania of Justice and Peace, Scotland, speaks this week about Human Dignity.  And from Life and Work, at the end of Christian Aid week, Jean Swinbank passes on Jackie McAdam’s article  ‘Behind every number. ‘  Finally we hear Albert Bogle’s reflection about ‘a surprising conversion’ – how the social media can empower. And John Murphy ends with Ron Ferguson’s reflection on ‘bodies’.


May 21st: Honor Hania of Justice and Peace Scotland speaks on Gospel-non-violence and a deepened understanding of the inadequacy even of the ‘just war’ theory.  Gerry Fitzpatrick reads Dermot Connolly reflection of The Ascension’ and Joe Docherty reads a Letter from Bishop Stephen Robson for the annual ‘Day for Life’  18.45  Mary Magdalen is among the most significant figures in the account of Easter.  Here we have a service in Gaelic and English  by Marion Morrison, award-winning Gaelic poet


May 28th  Honor Hania, of Justice and Peace, Scotland, speaks about ‘child soldiers, and Marian Pallister reflects on the General Election process, the political invective often involved, and the dignity of ‘Cathie’ who featured recently with the Prime Minister.  Then, from Open House, John Murphy reads Michael O’Neill’s review of Robert Reich’s book  Saving Capitalism – for the many,  not the few.

June 4th Anthony Horan, from the Catholic Scottish Parliamentary Office)  on the Letter from the Bishops Conference of Scotland on the forthcoming election.  Then, speaking on Ascension Day Roy Henderson reflects after the Manchester tragedy; Isabel Smyth SND reflects nostalgically on the value of ‘devotions.” Finally in Lessons from the past (in an article from Open House) by Tim Rhead  a member of a local ecumenical group describes how an idea for celebration christian heritage developed.  From Open House – Lessons from the past: Tim Rhead  a member of a local ecumenical group describes how an idea for celebration christian heritage developed.

June 11 Annette Carachi gives Thomas Baldwin’s report from Life and Work on ‘Seeds of Peace in South Sudan’. Joe Docherty reads Florence Boyle’s gives illuminating article on ‘The Gig Economy’ from Open House, and, from Doctors without Borders,  Joseph McTaggart talks about the role of ‘Patience the Donkey’ in Haiti.

June 18th      Honor Hania speaks of Care for Creation in the light of the Paris Agreement. Isabel Smythe SND introduces Prince Gazi bin Mohammed on  love ‘ in Christianity and Islam; Joseph McTaggart reads from Vocation for Justice on the Arms Trade  and from Doctors without Borders about healing in South Sudan.

June 25th   Journeying with Jonah: the struggle to find yourself. Liz Murphy reads a review of Fr Denis McBride’s recent book.  Joseph McTaggart gives us Pat Cunningham’s  article in Vocation for Justice – ‘Moving beyond Crisis’ and then Henrietta Cullinin’s article on ‘How christians resist the Arms Trade.   Finally  as we approach Sea Sunday on the 9th July, Gerry Fitzpatrick makes an  appeal on behalf of the Apostleship of the Sea.

July 2nd Our magazine this week gives us an insightful reflection on the ’The secret of Romero’ – ‘a passion for God and a passion for the poor.’

July 9th Honor Hania gives an enlightening account of the St Vincent de Paul Society – ‘the welfare state within the state.’  news and events from Justice and Peace Scotland: The Scottish Christians against Nuclear  Arms; and  ‘Refugee festival Scotland – celebrating the contribution made by refugees;  Joe Docherty gives an article by Letitia Magri from the Focolare Magazine ’New City’. Clare Ramsay of Sciaf talks about ‘conflict minerals’ and their ‘supply chains’ – tin, tungsten, tantallum and gold, and we end with a young man’s Prayer before Marriage.

 July 16th  Miriam talks to Mary Catherine  about about being a Jew in Scotland.  An update and news from Magnus and Mary’s Meals; news and events from Frances at Justice and Peace, Scotland;  and finally, how GIS mapping can help Doctors without Borders (MFS) support people in Nigeria in crisis.   plus  St Magnus by Ron Ferguson in Life and Work

July 23rd Marian Pallister considers a plethora of issues from Zambia, Dungavel and politics;  Joe Docherty reads ‘Who Cares’ – an article by Chris McDonnell in the Catholic Times;  and Archbishop Mario Conti reflects on pilgrimage and ordination.

July 30th Marian Pallister of Scottish Justice and Peace  gives very full report from Zambia, then  Anthony Horan of the Catholic Parliamentary Office of the Bishops Conference of Scotland gives some interesting information on the problem of religious discrimination;  then on the struggle by some to decriminalise abortion – an issue for which the public has no appetite; Anthony also draws our attention to the rights of pharmacists to act according to their religion, personal values and beliefs.  There is news about the modification of the named person scheme.  Then the good news and  continuing success of the Caritas Awards to young people over their faith.

August 6th   Archbishop Mario  Conti from his recent book muses on Pilgrimage to Lourdes, St Bernadette – and the making of tea. In an article from the Catholic Times Chris McDonnell reflects on the value of hymns as we pray. And Frances Gallagher of Scottish Justice and Peace brings our attention again to the detention centre at Dungavel.

August 13th Honor Hania speaks about ‘fossil free churches’; Archbishop Mario Conti reflects on Pope Benedict’s Letter on Charity and Truth; Joe Docherty reads an article by Chris McDonnell in the Catholic Times exploring  another approach to ‘Vocation;’  an update of news and events from Justice and Peace, Scotland and Gerry Fitzpatrick reads a short passage from Paul 6th’s message for World Day of Peace (1967) on nuclear weapons.

August 20th: Joe Docherty reminds us of the international day of remembrance of the Slave Trade which falls on the 23rd August and quotes Blessed Paul 6th from 1965;  then we hear  ‘A Just Society comes at a price’: an article by Chris McDonnell from the Catholic TImes read by Joe Docherty;  from Life and Work Brendan Berry reads Ron Ferguson’s reflection “Rumours of God’s death are greatly exaggerated” and then he tells a summer story: Glory be to God for dappled things.” Joseph MacTaggart gives us an article from the Magazine ‘Vocation for Justice, and we end with a few words from Pope Francis on caring for one another.

August 27th an update from Justice and Peace, Scotland, by Frances Gallagher – and the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. then Joe Docherty reads an article from the Catholic Times by Chris McDonnell on the Lampedusa Cross; and Marian Pallister reflects on Child Poverty.  Finally a reminder that the UN International Day for Peace falls on 21st September

September 3rd Frances Gallagher gives News and Events from Justice and Peace, Scotland.  From Open House, Jean Swinbank looks back at the feast of the Assumption with Noel Donnelly;  then,’Nehemiah’: Brendan Gill reads Richard Baxter’s article from Life and work –  the magazine of the Church of Scotland,  and finally, from the Missionaries of Africa, Brendan reads of ‘Maryam, Mother of Issa, and role model of believers’.