“Come and join the celebration, it’s our very special day.

Cocelebrants at the Mass

Fifty years of education; it’s St. George’s Jubilee!”

These chorus words, sung to a familiar tune, opened the Mass on Tuesday 13 December 2011 in Our Lady and St. George’s Church, marking fifty years since the opening of St. George’s Primary. Pupils, current and former, parents, friends and parishioners joined with the parish priest, Fr. John McGinley, to celebrate Mass. Former clergy of the parish who were able to attend included Fr. Savage, Fr. Conroy, Fr. McAlinden, Fr. Woods and Bishop Mone. Monsignor Gilmartin, representing the Archbishop, and Monsignor Docherty, now resident in the parish, also concelebrated.

The entrance procession was accompanied by a song, the words of which were written for the occasion and enthusiastically sung by the pupils:

“Children, teachers, many other adults too; Working together, always ready to learn something new…”

“God, in Jesus, shows us how we ought to live; Everyone special, each one with a gift only they can give….”

The music, readings and prayers were chosen to reflect themes of thanksgiving, renewed commitment and Advent joy:

  • ” Psalm 144: “I will bless your name forever, O God, my King”.
  • ” Here I am, Lord.
  • ” Let there be love shared among us.
  • ” The Beatitudes.
  • ” Glory and praise to our God.
  • ” Shine, Jesus, shine.

Gerry Devlin, parish organist, and Magdalen MacInnes, a parishioner and retired teacher at St. George’s, went into the school on three occasions beforehand to prepare the children for singing all the parts of the Mass, as well as the hymns. There were four cantors, two of whom, Kathleen Mathers and Madeline Henderson, were former pupils at the school.

Some of the congregation

The parish presented the Head Teacher, Mrs. Diana Taylor, with a gift. Mrs. Taylor invited everyone present to continue the celebration at the school, where a history of St. George’s was displayed on screen and through various memorabilia. Cake and refreshments were also thoroughly enjoyed!