schedule for week of  August 21st 2022 is an ecumenical, internet-based radio which promotes prayer and news of good things happening in the churches and among people of faith. It is sponsored by Glasgow Churches Together, by ACTS  and by the music Committee of the Archdiocese of Glasgow. 



The Morning Hour at 7.00; repeated hourly until noon

7.00: Daily Morning Prayers 

7.15:  School Morning Prayer for the Young is led by pupils of Ou Lady of the Rosary with ’The Trinity of Love’ sung by Magdalen MacInnes.

7.20: Canon Bob Hill looks ahead to the 22nd Sunday of the Year  Luke 14: 1, 7-14  the dinner with the leading  Pharisee on the way to Jerusalem  
Margaret Chapman
introduces the daily readings from the Scottish Liturgical Calendar The Churches Call to Prayer is devised by the “The Scottish Church Leaders’ Forum spoken by Mary Welsh with music by Noel Donnelly on harp and the St Mungo Singers
7.30:    In the Magazine:  Fr Tom Magill reflects on the Assumption of Mary;  Duncan McLaren gives the 1st of 3 article on the teaching of Pope Francis on Justice and Peace matters’; Letter to Pope Francis from Nicaraguans forced to live in exile;   then Mary McGinty from The Scottish Catholic speaks on the rights of Archie Batterbee.

lunchtime and early evening

Sunday:  The Mass Mass this week comes from Fr John Carroll of St Mary’s and Holy Name Parishes, Glasgow, with music by the St Mungo Singers.
weekdays: 12.00 / 6.00: The Rev Bob Johnstone, chair of Glasgow Churches Together, leads us in praying about ‘hunger’ with music from the Lourdes Youth Group and the St Mungo Singers

12.15 / 6.15: Golden Oldies

12.30:  Chatterbox 

01.00 / 7.00: Fr Jim McManus series 8  from Kinnoul Redemptorist centre of Spirituality:

01.40 / 7.40:    Lecture series 8 Archive music:              

2.00:               Newsnatter
2.30:          F J Crosby

Evening Hour at 8.00 repeated at 9.00 and 10.00
8.00:  Daily Evening Prayer

8.20: Magazine as in the morning

8.50: Compline