Some St Mungo Singers with St Patrick’s Primary
at the Vita Kentigerni during the St Mungo Festival

Music for Mass May 19

Entry: Veni, veni

Psalm 66


Communion: Father, I pray for them

Postlude: Harp: The Trinity of Love


Acknowledgements: Veni, veni: (c) Noel Donnelly.  Ps 66: words (c) The Grail, England; music Gerry Fitzpatrick (c) Kevin Mayhew. Sanctus Music (c) Gerry Fitzpatrick.  Father, I pray for them: music Gerry Fitzpatrick (c) Kevin Mayhew.  The Trinity of Love (c) Catherine Walker.  Photo: Vita Kentigerni at the Mitchell Library.  Recordings by Catriona Glen (Ps 66) and The St Mungo Singers.