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The Story of St Mungo

In recent times there has been a renewal of interest in St Mungo in Glasgow, the city with whose foundation he is associated, and on whose Coat of Arms he features. Mungo’s mother, known as St. Enoch, was the daughter of...

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Choir visit to Malta

If it’s 2008, it must be time for the next St. Mungo Singers Pilgrimage! And where else in the Year of St.Paul but somewhere which would allow the choir to walk in some of his footsteps. The unanimous choice was Malta,...

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The 2nd Millennium of St Paul

The celebrations marking the 2nd Millennium of St Paul began on June 29th throughout the world. Here in the Archdiocese there were discussions on how to celebrate the year, and plans so far included an ecumenical Vespers of St...

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