The following St Mungo Music publications are available to purchase. Please send your order, listing the number of copies required, and a cheque made payable to ‘St. Mungo Music’ for the total amount to: St Mungo Music, St Leo the Great, 5 Beech Avenue, Glasgow G41 5BY, United Kingdom. Tel: 0141 427 0293. Some of them are also available from the St Paul Bookshop.

psalms-of-the-seasonsPsalms of the Seasons
Published by Kevin Mayhew. Lyric settings of the psalms for the major seasons
Price £12.99

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Music for the Eucharist
A new publication for St Mungo Music from Kevin Mayhew

For parishes and schools: Songs of the Eucharistic Prayers and accessible communion hymns and antiphons to encourage people and children to enjoy ‘full, conscious and active participation’ and to have a sense of the holiness of what they are doing. Schools may find the music for the Children’s Eucharistic Prayer particularly useful, while choirs and instrumentalists may enjoy the optional harmonies and instrumental parts

Authors include: Joan Buchanan, Gerard Carr, Patricia Carroll, Cath Doherty, Noel S Donnelly, Adrian Finnerty, Gerry Fitzpatrick, David Galloway, Bill McLaughlin, Martin Morran, Pam Murray, Lorraine Skilling, Stephen Eric Smyth and Catherine Walker.

Price £12.99

dunkeld-massDunkeld Mass of St Columba
Kyrie; Litany of Praise; Gloria; Sanctus; 4 memorials; Agnus Dei

The Dunkeld Mass of St Columba was commissioned by Bishop Vincent Logan and the Diocese of Dunkeld to mark the 14th centenary of St Columba in 1997. It was first sung at the Dunkeld Diocesan Mass in the Caird Hall, Dundee, and then at the national celebration of St Columba in St Columba’s Cathedral, Oban. The 2nd edition has been published by St Mungo Music in October 2005. Flute parts and some optional choir parts are included and other parts for the Sanctus and Gloria are available on request.

Text © ICEL. Music © Gerry Fitzpatrick. Cover and graphics © Netta Ewing.

Price £6.00

st-gregory-massMass of St Gregory

Written for the 14th centenary of Gregory the Great: Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Memorial, Agnus Dei.

Text © ICEL.

Music © Gerry Fitzpatrick.

Price £6.00
litany-of-celtic-saintsA Litany of Celtic Saints

Based on the traditional text with the addition of local variants.

Music © Gerry Fitzpatrick.

With CD sung by Gerry Healy and the St Mungo Singers.

Price £4.
st-andrewSt Andrew

A cantata for schools.
CD sung by St Rose of Lima Primary School.

Price £6
St Mungo: A Cantata for Schools
By David Morris and Gerry Fitzpatrick

This revival of the St Mungo Cantata brings back many happy memories of the celebrations of St Mungo during Glasgow’s Year of Culture in 1990, when so many schools and choirs were involved in events in Glasgow Cathedral, in St Mungo’s, Townhead, in the Kelvin Hall and in schools in Glasgow, Fife and Renfrewshire. The photograph above is an encouraging sign that the enthusiasm seen then can be matched today in Mungo’s city during the year of his 14th Centenary.

The Year of Mungo began with Archbishop Conti’s STV greeting from the St Mungo Museum aided by children from St Rose of Lima Primary; it continued with the Glasgow Churches Together Vigil of St Mungo – a Vespers – in St Mungo’s or Glasgow Cathedral supported by the St Mungo Singers, then the Mass of St Mungo in St Andrew’s Cathedral, the Week of Prayer Service in St Columba’s Gaelic Church, and the Mass of our Celtic Roots during the Celtic Connections Festival. The St Mungo’s Mass with children (photo above) involved about 25 schools in St George’s, Penilee, supported by St Roch’s Ceili Band, harpists, ensemble and Piper, and the ecumenical Service for the City took place in the City Chambers with the Church Leaders, the Lord Provost and city and civic representatives, the St Mungo Singers, members of the Glasgow Gaelic choirs, the Glasgow Gaelic School, children from Our Lady of the Annunciation Primary, and Harpist and Piper.

Mungo 1400 continued with a pilgrimage to Culross before the summer, where almost 100 people were welcomed by the Minister of the Abbey Church where St Mungo grew up, and brought tokens of respect from the Lord Provost and from Glasgow Churches Together. Then in the autumn there was a solemn Mass of St Mungo at which the Archbishop and the Archdiocese welcomed friends and representatives to mark the origins of the Church and the City of Glasgow. In November, schools celebrated Mungo’s life and witness with this Cantata during the week of the feast of St Margaret, another notable contributer to the shaping of Scotland’s life and culture.

Price £8

Psalms and Songs of the Bible

Preface: Gerry Fitzpatruick
The Psalms: An introduction. Psalms: The prayer-book for Jews and Christians – by Noel S Donnelly

Psalms: 1, 4, 8, 15, 17, 18, 18a, 18b, 18c, 20, 21, 21b, 22, 23, 24, 24b.

The Benedictus: a version by Stephen E Smyth to the tune Finlandia or to a new tune.
The Magnificat: Grail text to music by Mary Dickie
Canticle of Ezechiel: words by Stephen E Smyth to the tune: Slane (Be thou my vision)
Canticle from Philippians 2: 6-11: words and music by Noel S Donnelly
Canticle from Philippians 2: 6-11: a version by Stephen E Smyth to the tune Plaisir d’amour – and with a new alternative tune by Gerry Fitzpatrick.

Available from St Mungo Music at £10.00 plus postage