Month: April 2010

Psalm 102: The love of the Lord

Words of Psalm 102 taken from the Psalms: A New Translation (c) The Grail. Music (c) Gerry Fitzpatrick 2010 and written for the wedding of Aileen Marley. The love of the Lord, the everlasting love, blesses us all. My soul give...

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music added or edited April 2010

Funerals: How blest are those: words, score, sound, and downloadable MP3 Funerals: I know that my redeemer: words, score, sound and downloadable MP3 Funeral Antiphon: Come to me words, score, sound and downloadable MP3 Sanctus...

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Vespers of St. John Ogilvie 2010

The Jesuit community in Glasgow gathered on Wednesday 10th March in St. Aloysius to mark the feast of St. John Ogilvie with a sung Vespers, with Archbishop Conti presiding and musical support from the St. Mungo Singers. Before...

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