Morning HalfHour – repeated every 30 minutes until noon.

8.00: Morning Prayer for Lent this week is led by Gerry Fitzpatrick with intercessions by Pat Graham SND and music by the St Mungo Singers.

8.15:  Lenten Morning Prayer for schools  is led by  pupils of Our Lady of the Missions and Our Lady of the Rosary Primary Schools  with Magdalen and Donald MacInnes in Ps 50


8.22: Canon Bob Hill speaks about the readings from St John’s Gospel which we hear during Lent – & looking forward to next week  comments on ‘the Woman at the well.’

8.26: Dr Laurence Whitley reflects on one of the temptations of Christ – ‘if you really are the Son of God’ – do you really believe that God is your father’


The Noon HalfHour is repeated at 18.00.

12.00 noon: SCO: This week SCO editor Ian Dunn talks about his recent trip to Zambia with Sciaf and we hear about a remarkable port chaplain.
12.15:   a service for the bereaved.


The Evening Hour at 20.00 is repeated at 21.00 and at 22.00

20.00:  Evening Prayer for this 2nd week of Lent is led by Donald MacInnes with music from the St Mungo Singers, and organists Jane McKenna and Jacqueline Barrett. The psalm is a new setting of Psalm 120 by Catherine Walker, and there is a blessing translated from the Gaelic and taken from Carmina Gadelica.

 20.18: Magazine: Jean Swinbank reads from Life and Work: Ron Ferguson on the gift of Poetry;  Albert Bogle on new technology for the life of the church; Andrew McLellan on ‘the Miraculous Escape of St Peter; Joe Docherty talks  of the Malawi Appeal last year. then gives a very encouraging  report from Flourish  about Catholic Chaplaincy at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Chaplaincy.

Finally, again from Life and Work,  Lynn MacNeill reviews Alastair McGrath on Enriching our Vision of Reality, and Justin Welby’s  ‘Dethroning Mammon.

20.50:  Night Prayer is led this evening by Patricia of the Focolare Community in Glasgow.