A song with lots of information about St Andrew. Written by Liz Bovil in a Scots dialect, set to music by Ian Davidson, and sung by Alexander Geddes.

(c) Netta Ewing













St Andrew’s Day


Andrew is oor patron saint, as Scotland ay remembers.
His flags’ll fly here every year, on the 30th o’ November.

Andrew wis a fisherman. His faither wis the same there.
His brither was Saint Peter, an’ they left when Jesus came there.

Andrew wis the first disciple (Got the loaves an’ fishes).
He learned the truths fae Jesus, an’ carried oot his wishes.

He brought the Guid News later oan, tae Russia an’ tae Poland,
an’ Turkey, Hungary an’ Greece. An’ intae many more lands.

Finally, in Southern Greece, he preached the Truth that frees us.
They hanged him, an’ he chose a cross, that’s no’ the cross o’ Jesus.

Efter years, his bones were sent tae be kept in Istanbul, then.
An’ later, some were moved tae Fife, by a bishop, or St Rule, then.

They built the saint a chapel there, an ‘ then a Cathedral came,
An’ then a host of pilgrims (An’ St Andrew’s wis its name.)

They tell the tale o’ Andrew’s cross: it helped the Scots in battle,
Appearin’ high across the sky, above the broadswords’ rattle.
For St Andrew’s Day 2011 © Ian Davidson