Schedule of christian for the week of the 19th March 2017 christian is an internet based radio station
It promotes prayer and news of good things happening in the churches

The Morning Half-hour is repeated every 30 minutes from 8.00 to 12.00 noon.

8.00: Morning Prayer for Lent is led by Fay Docherty with the St Mungo Singers and cantor Magdalen MacInnes
8.15: Lenten Morning Prayer for schools is led by pupils of Our Lady of the Missions Primary with cantor Catriona Glen singing ‘In the morning let us know we’re loved.’
8.22: Canon Bob Hill speaks of next week’s Gospel – the healing of the man born blind.
8.26: Dr Laurence Whitley reflects on Lent and relationships

The Noon Half-hour is repeated at 18.00

12.00 noon: an SNP MP’s secret plan to end Catholic Education in Scotland.
A former UK ambassador to the Vatican says Catholics need to speak out or be marginalised
We have a special interview with Roy Hattersly discussing his new book, a story of Catholicism in the British Isles.
12.15: A service for the Bereaved

12.30: Archive music
18.00: the Noon Half-hour is repeated.
18.30: archive music

The Evening Hour at 20.00 is repeated at 21.00 and 22.00
20.00: A Service of the Seven Last Words edited is led by Jean Swinbank and Gerry Fitzpatrick, with music by the St Mungo Singers, cantor Grace Buckley and organists Jane McKenna and Jacqueline Barrett.
20.23: Honor Hania, of Justice and Peace, Scotland, gives a very lucid, even Isaian, reflection, on Lenten fasting. Then, from Flourish, Joe Docherty reads the message of Pope Francis for Lent – the story of ‘the Rich man and Lazarus’. Then, ‘You feel more dead than alive’ – From Life and Work Thomas Baldwin meets a young Minister seeking to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

20.50; Fr Steven Muir of Cestokova Monastery, Poland, leads us in Night Prayer.Schedule for for the week of the 19th March