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Review of 2005

Archdiocese In addition to those services which are regular features within the Archdiocese, such as the St Mungo Mass and St Andrew’s Day, there were, as in previous years, a significant number of additional services in 2005, including Mass and Vespers for the Year of the Eucharist, the Masses for the late Pope John Paul 11 and for the election of Pope Benedict XV1, the SCIAF Stations of the Cross, and the Mass for the Dead at St Agnes’ Lambhill. Ecumenism Highlights on the ecumenical front included the service for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, the 75th Anniversary Service for the Scottish World Day of Prayer Committee and the Memorial Service for the victims of the Stockline tragedy Cantata Much of the preparation for the 2006 Children’s Cantata “Jesus’ Journey to Jerusalem” took place in 2005. St Eunan’s Primary had requested a new school song for the 14th centenary of St Eunan or Adamnan and this was included in a St Andrew’s celebration and circulated to lots of schools. A number of schools participated in the recording of teaching CDs for schools taking part in the Cantata, plus material for a St Andrew’s Day CD and a planned CD of the Children’s Eucharistic Prayer to be made available in autumn 2006 Civic The year saw a number of developments involving Glasgow City Council. While the Carols for...

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Glasgow and Culross

According to legend St Mungo was brought up at the Monastery in Culross, near Kincardine Bridge in Fife. There has been a cordial relationship between Glasgow and Culross for many years and when Glasgow Churches Together visited Culross to mark the 14th centenary of St Mungo they were given a splendid welcome by the Minister, the Rev Tom Moffat, and the community there. In turn, prayers were said at the service for the well-being of the communities of Culross and of Glasgow, and a presentation plaque of the city’s Coat of Arms sent by Lord Provost Liz Cameron was presented. The St Mungo Singers presented the community with gifts and with a copy of the Cantata, The Legend of St...

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St Mungo’s Tree

Mungo 1400 or the 14th centenary of St Mungo fittingly ended on St Mungo’s traditional feastday, the 13th January 2004, when Glasgow schoolchildren – accompanied by the Chair (Rev Dr Angus Kerr) and members of Glasgow Churches Together, leaders of the Glasgow churches, and by Baillie Devine representing the Lord Provost Cllr Liz Cameron – planted a fine cherry tree in Cathedral Square. It can still be seen there not far from the St Mungo Museum of Religion. The very happy ceremony of planting the tree was accompanied by a short service in which Ryan O’Sullivan from St Jude’s Primary led the gathering in singing verses from Psalm 18. The response of this setting of the psalm was chosen to mark St Mungo’s influence, even today, with the words: “Their voice has gone out through all the earth, the word of the Lord is heard.” The prayer of the day was: God our loving Father, You called Mungo from Culross to Glasgow To live a life of prayer, devotion to your Word, and hospitality to your people. As we, citizens and children of Glasgow, Mark his 14th centenary by planting a tree beside where he lived, May we renew our resolve to be like him in faithfulness to the Gospel, and in our commitment to Jesus and his Kingdom of justice, love and peace. With the patronage of St...

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