Month: June 2015

Tunisia Tragedy: a service

Service for those involved in the Tunisian Massacre audio As we sympathise and mourn for people affected by the outrage in Tunisia, we are led in prayer by the chair and vice-chair of Glasgow Churches Together, David Wallace and Laurence Whitley. The music is by The St Mungo Singers. In responding to the terrorist attack in Tunisia, the Most Rev David Chillingworth, Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church says: “Terrorism strikes savagely and without warning. It strikes at all of us because it attacks people like us doing the ordinary things of life in work, family and holiday. Terrorism wins if it stops us doing those ordinary things. Our deep sympathy and our prayers are with those who have been bereaved, injured and traumatised by these events in Tunisia and France. We express our solidarity with them in prayer – and by living bravely and in hope as we trust in the power of God to overcome evil.” Music: I know that my Redeemer lives! On the last day I shall raise again. And in my flesh I shall see God, the living God Father God, we know not why men can prefer the darkness of hate to the light of love, or why they should kill their sense of brotherhood in order not to feel their brothers’ pain. But we...

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Glasgow the Welcoming City 2015

This annual summer service hosted by Glasgow Churches Together (GCT) took place this year on 14th June. The poor weather had not persuaded large numbers to venture out into the city centre – other than a passing Orange Walk!- which was a pity as the service this year was probably one of the most varied and thought-provoking ones for some years. It centred on the themes of searching, migration and welcome. Piper Willie Park and instrumentalists Dr. Noel Donnelly and John Allan welcomed the participants to the City Chambers, where the service took place in the Banqueting Hall. Musical support for the service was provided by the Rutherglen Salvation Army Band, the St. Mungo Singers and a group of instrumentalists. Baillie John McLaughlin greeted everyone with obvious pride and pleasure on behalf of the City Council, noting that it was good to see so many different denominations together in a city unfairly known for religious divisions. His welcome today, he said, was from all to all, and he took the opportunity to acknowledge the positive work and invaluable influence of GCT in the city. In Glasgow, he said, we now accept and respect differences and embrace diversity. The opening prayer, read by Fr.David Wallace, Chair of GCT, echoed the theme of the welcoming city, in its invitation to pray not only for the city but for people of other...

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Dorothy Hillhouse RIP

The St. Mungo Singers bade farewell to one of their retired members, Dorothy Hillhouse, at St. Dominic’s Bishopbriggs, on 3 June 2015. Dorothy, a quiet, gentle lady, had been a member of the choir for many years and had acted as its librarian. Increasing illness had meant that she had to retire from the choir but she had never been forgotten. A number of choir members joined the parish community for her funeral and helped to support the music of the liturgy. Parish Priest Fr. Nicholas Monaghan spoken with great feeling about Dorothy’s life – her teaching career, her care for her mother and sister over many years and her own health problems. May she rest in peace. audio...

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Fr. Noel Barry RIP

The St. Mungo Singers and many others lost a great friend, supporter and inspiration when Fr. Noel Barry of St. Agnes Lambhill finally lost his long fight with cancer on 1 June 2015. He had so often rallied that it was a shock when his death was announced. The impact of his death (and his life) was clear from the tributes paid to him, and the number of people – family, friends, parishioners and clergy who packed the church for the Vigil and the funeral Mass. The Vigil liturgy was led by Canon John McAuley, the Dean of the North Deanery, assisted by Mgr. Pat Osborne who had been helping in the parish. The choir of St. Agnes provided the music for the service. Many of Fr. Noel’s family had come over from Ireland for the funeral liturgies and Canon McAuley took the opportunity to thank them for the gift of Fr. Noel to the Archdiocese, for the 34 years of his service. He also thanked the medical staff and carers who had made it possible for Fr. Noel to continue for so long. He reflected that there are many ways of speaking about death. One is to speak of our loss but the Gospel reading reminds us that Christ came to seek and to save the lost, and Jesus himself consoles us with the assurance that it is...

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radioalba Morning Prayer, Night Prayer

MP Wb 140615While christian undergoes a technical upgrade we provide the Morning Prayer and Night Prayer here on Morning Prayer week 3 audio Led by Jean Swinbank with the St Mungo Singers and cantor Grace Buckley. Hymn O God, creation’s secret force, Thyself unmoved, all motion’s source, Who from the morn till evening ray Through all its changes guid’st the day: Grant us, when this short life is past, The glorious evening that shall last; That, by a holy death attained, Eternal glory may be gained. To God the Father, God the Son, And God the Spirit, Three in One, May every tongue and nation raise An endless song of thankful praise. Let us pray God, our creator, Increase our sense of your presence in our lives and in our world, and fill us with reverence for you and with respect for all that you have made. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen Psalm 83: How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord God of hosts. My soul is longing and yearning for the house of the Lord. My heart and soul ring out their joy to God the living God. How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord God of hosts. The sparrow finds a home, the swallow a nest for her brood, she lays her young by your altars, O Lord, my King, my God....

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