Month: January 2014

The Mass of St. Mungo

  The final service of the weekend was the Mass of St. Mungo, celebrated by Archbishop Tartaglia and the Chapter of Canons with the community of St. Mungo’s, Townhead on the feastday of the saint. Before the service began, the St. Mungo Singers set a prayerful ambience, singing a series of choral pieces – “Love is of God”, “To Christ the Seed” and “Great God be Near Me” – interspersed with clarsach music played by Dr. Noel Donnelly. The Archbishop and clergy processed to the sanctuary as the congregation sang the well-loved “Be Thou my Vision”. Then Archbishop Tartaglia welcomed everyone to the Mass and greeted in particular Cllr. Gordon Matheson, Leader of the City Council, a representative of the Lord Provost and members of the Knights of St. Columba for this great feast. In his subsequent homily, the Archbishop recalled that it had been a year ago that he had welcomed Fr. Craven as the as parish priest and he remembered his own family history in the area. He had the congregation laughing as he reflected on the fact that he now, surprisingly, had a coat of arms and pondered that the saving grace of this was that it featured the fish with the ring in its mouth, which is also in the Glasgow City coat of arms, a reminder of his own Glasgow roots. The history of...

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St. Mungo Festival Service

The ecumenical service was well attended despite the cold and the threat of snow as the congregation began to gather. Piper Willie Park braved the weather to greet them at the door of the Cathedral and, inside, the Parkhead Salvation Army Band played. Representatives of the churches processed together into the Cathedral for the start of the service, before Deputy Lord Provost Gerald Leonard led the proclamation of Glasgow’s city motto “Let Glasgow Flourish” to which the congregation responded “By the preaching of His word – by the praising of His name!”. This was followed by the singing of the hymn for peace “O Day of Peace”. Dr Whitley, minister of the Cathedral, warmly welcomed everyone to this, the seventh year of this service, part of a celebration which has now expanded into a week of events, thanks to the City Council and Mgr. Gerry Fitzpatrick, among others. He welcomed representatives of the Universities, the legal profession and the arts (including Julie Currie of the Commonwealth Educational Trust who had given support to the Visual Arts group who would be taking part in the service), as well as thousands of others who would see the service live on the internet. The opening prayer was read by Fr. Marcel Oprisan of the Romanian Orthodox Church– a reminder of the many national groups who are now represented in Glasgow. He gave...

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Celebrating the Life of St. Mungo – Mitchell Library

The Mitchell Library service was attended by representatives of the City Council and GCT, and featured input from the Children’s Singing Studio of the Glasgow Russian Orthodox School, the St. Mungo Singers and clarsach player, Grace Guse. Dr. Irene O’Brien (Glasgow City Archivist) welcomed everyone to the service. The welcome was followed by a gentle harp air, before Archbishop Tartaglia and the St. Mungo Singers chanted the opening of the Latin plainsong Vespers of St. Mungo. Mrs Catherine McMaster, former Bailie of Glasgow City Council who had been instrumental in getting the Festival off the ground, explained in her introduction that the opening sequence gave us a flavour of what things would have been like in Glasgow Cathedral in mediaeval times on the Feast of St. Mungo. Turning to the Vita Kentigerna, she explained that Bishop Jocelyn of Glasgow had commissioned the writing of the book from Jocelyn, a monk of Jarrow in 1178, because he believed that Glasgow would be a great city and, to publicise it, commissioned a biography of its founder – a pretty modern idea. In this year of 2014, Glasgow is inviting the whole world to visit it for the Commonwealth Games, and in a similar way we need to think what we are going to tell them about our city. The Vita is the oldest book remaining in Glasgow. It draws on folk...

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St. Mungo Festival 2014

The St. Mungo Festival in Glasgow goes from strength to strength, from an ecumenical service some years ago to a week-long celebration of the founder of the city. Over the week-end of 11-13 January alone, the City Council hosted a short service in the Mitchell Library, centred around the 12th Century Vita Kentigerna, Glasgow Churches Together (GCT) held an ecumenical celebration in Glasgow’s mediaeval Cathedral, and the Archdiocese of Glasgow celebrated the Mass of St. Mungo in St. Mungo’s, Townhead, on the feast day itself. Reports on these events are posted...

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The Mass of our Celtic Roots: St Aloysius, Sunday 26th 4.00

To access information please click on the file below: CelticRoots2014 Before Mass: harp/ensemble. Choirs: To Christ the seed; St Patrick’s Breastplate Entry: We bless the God and Father of Jesus (Canticle from the Letter to the Ephesians) Penitential Rite: I confess with plainsong Kyrie De Angelis St Andrew Gloria Psalm 26: The Lord is my light, the Lord is my help Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia. May the peace of Christ reign in your heart . . . . . Dialogue Creed: Credo, I Believe Intercessions ending with Lord of Life (Vermio) The Preparation of the Gifts: Instrumental then ‘Lead me, Lord’ The Eucharistic Prayer will be sung with the Schubert Sanctus and Memorial Angus Dei: plainsong XVII Communion : I am the Vine, you are the branches . . . . Lourdes Benedictus….. Blessed be the Father Instrumental Irish Blessing (Chilcott) Recessional: Christ be our light Intercessions for the Mass of our Celtic Roots 2014 1 We pray for the citizens of Glasgow, both new and old, For performers and guests who have come here to enjoy and take part in the Festival, and for people who use the arts as a means of expressing the joy and dignity of all that is human. Lord, hear us: Lord, graciously hear us 2 In Irish Gaelic 3 We pray for our families, for all we love, for our sick and needy,...

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