Month: November 2009

Psalms and Songs of the Bible Workshop

St. Simon’s Parish in Partick hosted the Glasgow Archdiocesan Music Committee’s latest workshop on liturgical music on 5 November. Over 50 cantors, singers and musicians from across the Archdiocese attended the workshop which launched the latest St. Mungo Music publication, “Psalms and Songs of the Bible Book 1” and also provided an opportunity to look at the psalms and canticles, their history and use, and take stock of how the Church’s use of them has developed over recent years. The new publication provides 16 psalm settings, plus settings of the Benedictus, Magnificat, the Canticle of Ezechiel and the Canticle from Phillippians 2, together with an introduction on psalms by Dr. Noel Donnelly. Workshop participants were provided with a workshop edition of the publication, an accompanying CD of the music, and explanatory notes on the psalms. The workshop itself began with the first part of sung Evening Prayer which created a prayerful setting for participants, as well as an active introduction to one use of the Psalms in church liturgy. Dr. Donnelly then gave a presentation on the Psalms, their history and place in the Old Testament and their use in the New Testament. He drew attention firstly to the fact that they were meant for ordinary people when they were written, and they therefore speak to our own experiences as ordinary people in the Liturgy of the Word, where...

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Advent 2010 Resources

Lots of suggestions can be found in the ‘society of st gregory liturgy planner’ Lots of others can be found on a variety of liturgical and musical websites Advent Year A An Introit: words (c) ICEL. Music (c) Gerry Fitzpatrick Antiphon I lift my soul to you, I trust you, Lord my God. No-one who waits on you will ever be put to shame. Verse Teach me how to live, Lord, show me the way. Steer me towards your truth, you, my saving Lord, you, my constant hope. Antiphon I lift my soul to you, I trust you, Lord my God. No-one who waits on you will ever be put to shame. Repertoire for Advent The Introit ‘I lift my soul’ has the advantage of directing our attention in trust to the Lord and includes that most practical of prayers ‘Teach me how to live, Lord; show me the way.’ The Psalms suggested for the Sundays of Advent include: Ps 121 Noel Donnell’s setting in Psalms of the Seasons (Kevin Mayhew) Ps 71 Gerry Fitzpatrick’s setting in Psalms of the Seasons needs to be well prepared and sung with attention to what the words are saying. Ps 145 : a very accessible setting by Noel Donnelly and available on this website Ps 23: a very string setting by Gerry Fitzpatrick in Psalms of the Seasons Many more settings...

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St Enoch

St Enoch was the mother of St Mungo, patron of the city of Glasgow. She is given a significant place during the events of Glasgow’s St Mungo Festival. Ian Davidson has written a song for children to help them remember her life, heroism and faith. The song has been recorded by Carissa Bovil. [audio:st-enoch-bnc.mp3] The great Saint Mungo’s mother, Saint Enoch is her name The great Saint Mungo’s mother will always share his fame For she was spared two deaths, and to Clydeside she came The great Saint Mungo’s mother, Saint Enoch is her name She was a pagan princess, living in the East She faced her father’s fury, and he said her life would cease They dragged her to a cliff and they threw her from the top But Enoch rose and walked away from the hundred-metre drop. They tried a second death for her, adrift in an open boat in the middle of the North Sea, and only just afloat Between the storms and hunger, she was sure to lose her life But the winds and the currents cast her up, along the coast of Fife. The good St Serf was nearby, and took her from the shore For anyone in trouble was welcome at his door And Enoch had a baby, and a fine young boy he grew And she became a Christian, and little Mungo...

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Celebration of Priestly Jubilees 12 November

Glasgow Archdiocese has had a number of special celebrations this year. The latest was a celebratory Mass for the Jubilees of Ordination of a number of priests in the Archdiocese, held at St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral. Those celebrating this special occasion in their priesthood were:- Golden Jubilee Mgr. Pat Osborne, Fr. John Muldoon, Fr. Edward Higgins,Fr. Terence Friel, Fr. Sabatino Tedeschi Ruby Jubilee Fr. Peter Murphy, Fr. John Ward, Fr. Peter Clinton Silver Jubilee Mgr. Peter Smith, Fr. Charles McElwee, Fr. John Hughes, Fr. Joseph McAuley, Fr. John Casey Archbishop Conti led the celebration as Principal Celebrant. Before the Mass began, Dr. Noel Donnelly played some reflective harp music and the St. Mungo Singers sang the joyful Quinn/Bach motet “Praise the King” and Wesley’s “Lead me Lord”. The Mass itself began with the very appropriate “Lord, you have come to the seashore”. The readings of the Liturgy of the Word reflected the vocation of the priesthood (Isaiah 61:1-3; Ephesians 4:1-7.11-13 and Matthew 28:16-20). The responsorial psalm was Francis Duffy’s setting of Psalm 95 (Go into the World) sung by Johanna O’Connor. In his homily, Archbishop Conti reflected that we all have our share of grace. For priests, their particular grace is a very precious gift, to comply with the command of Christ (in the Gospel reading) to go and teach all nations. Referring to the Jubilarians, he noted that their...

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