Month: May 2009

Mallaig Sprinkling Song

Mallaig Sprinkling Song Words (c) Helen Kennedy 1993 and Gaelic version (c) Archie MacLean and Alan and Donald Ian Morrison. Music (c) Margaret Martin – Hardie A Spioraid Dhe, dean tamh annam fhein Fosgail mo chridh’ is saor mi le d’ dheoin Lion mi le gradh do Iosa, mo Thriath Le uisge na beatha sathaich mi. Iosa an lathair, Iosa tha beo Iosa mo Thigearna, gleidh mi nad’ choir Iosa ar Slan’ear, dh’fhuiling am bas ‘s a shabhail a shluagh le aiseirigh. Spirit of God, come dwell within me. Open my heart, O come set me free. Fill me with love for Jesus, my Lord. O fill me with living water. Jesus is living, Jesus is here. Jesus, my Lord, come closer to me. Jesus, our Saviour, dying for me, and rising to save his people Lord, how I thirst, O Lord, I am weak. Lord, come to me, you alone do I seek. Lord, you are life, and love and hope, O fill me with living water. Jesus is living … Lord, I am blind. O Lord, I can’t see! Stretch our your hand, O Lord, comfort me. Lead me your way in truth and in light, O fill me with living water. Jesus is living...

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Malawi Ecumenical Vespers

St Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow. Thursday April 30th 2009. This service was planned as part of a series of meeting and visits in Scotland by Sr. Beatrice Chipeta and Br. Peter Daino of the Lusubilo Community Based Child Care Project (“LCBCCP”), Malawi. The Project is supported by St. Columba Gaelic Church in Glasgow, the Iona Community and the Xaverians, and members of both Catholic and Presbyterian communities gathered with Archbishop Conti and Rev. David Lunan, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, in St. Andrew’s Cathedral to give thanks for the work of the Project. It was also an occasion on which the Archbishop was able to extend a warm greeting to the Moderator on behalf the Archdiocese of Glasgow. It proved to be a moving and inspirational experience. After the welcome by Archbishop Conti, the Vespers began with a service of light as the Paschal Candle and other candles on the sanctuary were lit, while the St. Mungo Singers sang Geoffrey Shaw’s setting of “Hail Gladdening Light”. Following the traditional format of Vespers – 2 psalms and canticle – the choir then led the congregation in the singing of Psalm 117 which had been set responsorially, the John Bell arrangement of Psalm 62/63 to the well loved tune ‘Resignation’, and Stephen Eric Smyth’s version of the Canticle from Ephesians 1 to the tune Bunessan. The Rev...

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Argyll & The Isles Pastoral Music Weekend May 2009

The Music Weekends just get better, according to some of those taking part! Over 40 musicians from throughout the Diocese (together with some associates from beyond the Diocese!) gathered over the weekend of 1-3 May at St. Mary’s Kinnoull to make music, reflect on their music ministry and catch up on news with friends old and new. There was real pleasure, too, in welcoming Bishop Joseph Toal to his first music weekend, together with Fr. Roddy Johnston and diocesan deacon Martin Mattheson. In the first session of the weekend, Bishop Toal reflected on the role of the Bishop as outlined in the Directory for the Pastoral Ministry for Bishops. He found this document thought-provoking. It emphasises that the first role of the Bishop is his responsibility for divine worship where, as head of the praying community, he should bring a sense of unity and community. The second aspect highlighted is the Bishop’s responsibility for the liturgy in his diocese, ensuring the full participation of the faithful. Sacred music has an important part to play but it needs to be linked to the liturgy; it should not be an “add-on”. The importance of participation in the Sunday liturgy for the preservation and nourishment of faith is stressed, and the communal, public nature of all liturgy. The participants then revised the music to be used for Evening Prayer that evening, including...

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Before we end our day: Evening or Night Prayer

Before we end our day: St Ambrose Sung by the St Mungo Singers Before we end our day, O Lord, we make this prayer to you: That you continue in your love to guard your people here. Give us this night untroubled rest and build our strength anew: Your Splendour driving far away all darkness of the foe. Our heart’s desire to love you, Lord, watch over while we sleep, That when the new day dawns on high we may your praises sing. All glory be to you, O Christ, who saved mankind from death – To share with you the Father’s love and in the Spirit live. This email was cleaned by emailStripper, available for free from...

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Scotus Cantata

A Cantata for schools by Sean Fitzgerald and Gerry Fitzpatrick (c) 1992. Celebrated in St Mary’s, Calton, Glasgow in 2008 for the 7th centenary of Blessed John Duns Scotus. Recorded by Carissa Bovil to facilitate learning in the classroom. The Cantata No 1. The annual Pilgrimage from Whitekirk to Haddington in East Lothian in honour of the Three Wise Men. Children in procession as peasants, townspeople, travellers, religious, people of all sorts. There should be banners and some dancers. All the schools sing the refrain: ‘Gold and Frankincense’ while the choir schools (and any who want to) sing the verses accompanied by the brass band. Scene 1: The Pilgrimage. Gold and Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh, these are precious things. Gold and Frankincense, Gold and myrrh, gifts for the King, the King of Kings. Gold and Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh, brought by the Three Wise Men, Gold and Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh to the stable in Bethlehem. verse 1 We are celebrating God’s wisdom in a boy, both what he sought and what he’d found and how it brought him joy. Johnnie was this Scottish lad, from Duns near Haddington. He went to school, he played his games, his life was full of fun. Gold and Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh, these are precious things. Gold and Frankincense, Gold and myrrh, gifts for the King, the King of Kings. Gold...

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