Month: January 2009

St Mungo

St Mungo is Patron Saint of Glasgow and of the Archdiocese of Glasgow, and it seems appropriate to have him as Patron of liturgical music within the Archdiocese, and of the St Mungo Singers.

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St Paul: St Paul of Tarsus

Hymn in Honour of Saint Paul : Words © 2009 Noel S Donnelly. (Tune: Sine nomine Music: Ralph Vaughan Williams, in The English Hymnal (London: Oxford University Press, 1906) .) Saint Paul of Tarsus, hear our prayerful song! Lead us to Christ; the Risen Lord you saw! O rouse us to life, One Body in the Lord! Alleluia, alleluia! You changed your ways from stoning, sword and flame, Till Christ for you was all that life could gain. The love of the Lord would urge you on your way. Alleluia, alleluia. You travelled far to teach God’s saving love, Spreading Christ’s church from Antioch to Rome. Unite us in Christ our one eternal home! Alleluia, alleluia. From prison cell you sent your written word, Teaching , advising, building up God’s world; Then, gave your life to Christ the Crucified. Alleluia, alleluia. Praise to the Father, loved, proclaimed by Paul! Praise Risen Son, who was his only goal! And Praise Holy Spirit, birthing power in all! Alleluia,...

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St John Ogilvie: On the battlefields

On the Battlefields of Scotland Mother W. Long RSCJ [audio:ogilvie-an-ogilvieorg.mp3] On the battlefields of Scotland in the hour of victory, There was heard the cry of heroes, “Ogilvie, an Ogilvie.” Gallant son of gallant fathers, it was thine as theirs to fight, But with gates of hell contending, thou didst die for truth and right. Blessed martyr, thy example will our strength in weakness be, Hear our cry in times of peril: ‘Ogilvie an Ogilvie.’ By the scaffold all undaunted, strong in grace we see thee still, Looking up, serene and smiling, with a firm, unconquered will. It is thy bright hour of triumph, like Our Lord on Calvary’s cross, Victory is thine in dying, endless gain in seeming loss. Blessed martyr, thy example will our strength in weakness be, Hear our cry in times of peril: ‘Ogilvie an Ogilvie.’ Blessed Martyr, hear thy children, be our guide and show the way. Make us strong and keep us steadfast in the warfare of today. Looking down from heights of glory, see in us thy kith and kin. Teach us thy strong trust in Jesus, that we too may victory win. Blessed martyr, thy example will our strength in weakness be, Hear our cry in times of peril: ‘Ogilvie an...

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St Margaret: Feast

prayer Father, we are grateful that your love for your people Has been seen so powerfully in the life and work of St Margaret Renew your grace within us, so that we too may always be able to find the good in any situation, face difficulties that lie before us with courage, and walk together along our pilgrim way. We ask this through Christ our Lord....

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St Mungo: The Rhyme

The St Mungo Rhyme sung by children of St Patrick’s Primary School, Glasgow in the Mitchell Library as part of the celebrations for the Feast of St Mungo 2009. [audio:this-is-the.mp3] Whatever its origin the Rhyme can be interpreted in the positive sense that ‘the tree that never grew is growing very well, and the bird still sings, the bells still ring and the fish are back in the Clyde’. The rhyme refers to the stories about the fire that went out and was re-kindled, the Robin that died and came back, the bell that was sent to Glasgow’s bishop by the Pope, and the salmon that was caught with the Queen’s ring in its mouth. Play the score with Sibelius | You may need to download Scorch With the support of Glasgow Churches Together and the Education Department, Glasgow school children planted a tree (inspired by the rhyme) in Cathedral Square to mark the 14th centenary of St...

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